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San Francisco 1906 Earthquake Disaster

One of the greatest earthquakes happened in 20th century is in San Francisco in year 1906. ... The disastrous San Francisco quake of 1906 and the less serious earthquake of 1989 were both caused by movement along the fault. ... The great earthquake broke loose some 20 to 25 seconds later, with an epicenter near San Francisco. ... The 1906 earthquake...
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Earthquake that shook San Francisco on 1989

Understanding the Loma Prieta Earthquake:10 Years LaterAt 5:04 PM on October 17, 1989, the San Francisco Bay Area was severely shaken for 15 seconds by the Loma Prieta earthquake located to the south on the San Andreas fault near Santa Cruz. ... The Loma Prieta quake was the largest earthquake to occur in the San Francisco Bay Area since 190...
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When Mother Nature Calls

Earthquake San Francisco- 1906 On the morning 12 past 5:00 San Francisco suffered amajor earthquake that killed 3000 people, the earthquake lasted for about 40 seconds and wasrecorded at 8.3 on the Richter Scale. ... After the earthquake, they noticed that the San Andreas&...
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The Killer Quake of 1906

The Earthquake of 1906On the morning 12 past 5:00 San Francisco suffered a major earthquake that killed 3000 people, the earthquake lasted for about 40 seconds and was recorded at 8.3 on the Richter Scale. ... After the earthquake, they noticed that the San Andreas Fault shifted a 250-mile long section witch tore roads and fences. ... The earthqu...
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Earthquakes and Plate Tectonics

Earthquakes can often strike without any notice, leveling large citiesand killing scores of innocent people. ... This essay will discuss how earthquakes are formed andoccur, how scientists can more accurately predict the arrival of earthquakes.Before contemplating how earthquakes might possibly be prevented, it isessential that the process and formation of and earthquake&#...
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Harmful Causes of Earthquakes

"Because the size of earthquakes varies enormously, the amplitudes of the ground motions differ by factors of thousands from earthquake to earthquake. ... Along seacoasts, another disaster may follow large earthquakes. ... In March 1980 a few earthquakes near Mt.St. ... April 18, 1906, at 5:12am in San Francisco, a section of rock snapped along ...
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The Earthquakes

The San Andreas is a strike-slip fault that has displaced rockshundreds of miles. ... There the rocks of the San GabrielMountains are being pushed up and over the rocks of the San Fernando and San Gabriel valleys.Movement on the Sierra Madre fault zone is part of the process that created the San Gabriel Mountains... Probably the most notable is the San&#...
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The Kobe Earthquake in 1995

Earthquakes are the result of plate movements. ... So why did the Kobe earthquake happen? Japan is at a high risk to earthquakes. ... The Kobe earthquake should have been predicted. ... Also better emergency preparedness, e.g. after the San Francisco earthquake in 1906 an entirely independent water system for fire fighting, with its own reservoirs was...
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What Causes of Earthquakes?

On October 21, 1868 there was one of the most destructive earthquakes San Francisco has had. Know as the "Great San Francisco Earthquake". ... On April 18, 1906, the San Andreas Fault ruptured with a magnitude of 7.7. ... The San Francisco Bay Area is part of a very complex plate boundary system between the pacific and the northern ...
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A Brief Study on Earthquakes

Next we will try to understand the Great 1906 Earthquake of San Francisco. Visit <http://quake.wr.usgs.gov/more/1906/> to answer the questions below. ... This earthquake happened at 5:12 AM - April 18, 1906. ... When will such a large magnitude earthquake occur again in San Francisco? ... What type of surface features characterize...
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In 1949 KQW became KCBS in San Francisco" Charles Herrold was born in 1875 in the Midwest. He was raised in San Jose and he went to Stanford University. He later moved to San Francisco and set up an electrical manufacturing company, but unfortunately the big earthquake hit in 1906 and everything was destroyed. ... He later returned&#...
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Destruction Caused by Volcanoes

Although some people did die, this volcano was kind of weak compared to the size of the eruption and amount of lives lost in other eruptions like Tambora, Indonesia in 1815 where 92,000 people died.San Francisco suffered a major earthquake that killed 3000 people, the earthquake lasted for about 40 seconds and was recorded at 8.3 on the Richt...
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The massive Bank of America

Giannini, a produce merchant in San Francisco, inherited a seat on the board of directors of a savings bank in the city's Italian neighborhood from his father-in-law. ... By making loans as small as $25, selling stock to a small group of loyal investors, and going door-to-door to solicit customers, Giannini launched what became the f...
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Daly City

Introducing Daly CityDown the Old Mission Road, west of the grassy slopes of San Bruno Mountain, and near the village of Colma, stands Daly City; gateway to the famed San Francisco Peninsula. ... This is a land that is often covered by thick, white fog that forms over the Pacific Ocean, then sweeps in land and crosses the northern peninsu...
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Interrogations of Chinese Immigrants at Angel Island

Interrogations of Chinese Immigrants at Angel IslandLike Ellis Island in New York Harbor, Angel Island in San Francisco Bay was an entry point for immigrants in the early 20th century. ... Modeled in its procedures on Ellis Island, Angel Island was an outpost to sift the migration stream but also a barrier to bar Chinese save those who fit the e...
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The Reviews on Julia Morgan's Work

A couple years later, back in San Francisco, California the 1906 earthquake occurred and her small office was knocked down along with almost every house in San Francisco. Julia was hired to rebuild houses that fell down in the earthquake, and she had to rebuild her office. ... Next, she built "Hearst's Castle" in San Simeon, ...
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Biography of Saint Francis of Assisi

Francis of Assisi lived about eight hundred years ago. He was born in the city of Assisi, Italy, in 1182. He was the son of Piero of Bernadone, who was a wealthy merchant. He received a education and seemed to follow his father's footsteps as a wealthy merchant. In 1201 he took part in an attack on ...
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Autery Museum of Western Heritage

That stereoview had pictures from Galveston, Texas, San Francisco, California, and Georgetown, Colorado. ... A picture of different homes to Jewish people in San Francisco showed a before and after picture of the earthquake that occurred in 1906. ...
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The Chinese Exclusion Act

In 1906, earthquake fires detroyed all family records, and the Chinese found a chance to use false names and identities, and came to their fake relatives already in the US as paper sons and daughters. In response, the city of San Francisco created a prison-like detention center for incoming immigrants at Angel Island in 1910, where officials...
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After the earthquake fires destroyed all family records in 1906, Chinese immigrants effectively donned false names and identities, and came to their "relatives" already in the US as paper sons and daughters. In response to this continuing Chinese influx, the city of San Francisco created a prison-like detention center for incoming immigrants at Angel I...
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Tsunamis: Their Cause and Damage

This is usually a result of intense earthquake action. ... Therefore, it is not the case that even large earthquakes will necessarily produce large tsunami. For example, the 1906 earthquake near San Francisco California had a Richter Magnitude of about 7.1, yet no tsunami was generated as a result of this event " because the motion on the&#...
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Architect Frank Lloyd Wright: Modern Style Pioneer

Robie House, designed in 1906 for a bicycle and motorcycle manufacturer, is one of the world's most famous buildings. ... Among his remarkable engineering feats was the design of the huge Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, constructed to withstand earthquakes. ... The building was completed in 1922 and suffered no damage in the disastrous earthquake that occurr...
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The Lost Ones – Young Chinese Americans

Chinese immigration resumed quickly after 1906 (being shut down for many years by governmental legislation before Angel Island interrogation), an anti-Chinese climate. Thanks to the San Francisco earthquake which destroyed most of the immigration records in the city, allowing many resident Chinese to claim U.S citizenship and many others to claim to be "...
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The Rise of American Cities

Sometimes, these industrial towns were absorbed into the nearby metropolis.Port cities such as San Francisco, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Bostan, provided an almost endless supply of cheap labor because these port cities were gateways for immigrants from other countries who were seeking to achieve the American dream. ... Investment opportunities looked so tempting ...
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Japanese Americans Discrimination

After the San Francisco earthquake of 1906, mob violence occurred as Japanese scientist sent to aid in relief, were attacked....
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