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(Alcoholism and Its Effect on the Family) In excess of 28 million Americans are children of alcoholics and about 11 million are below 18 years of age. (Children of Addicted Parents: Important Facts) Children of Alcoholics -COA's are four times more susceptible to develop alcoholism compared to non-COAs. Genetic causes contribute a significant pa...
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Alcoholism Awareness

Alcoholism is a treatable illness from which as many as two-thirds of its victims recover. Alcoholism is a family disease and affects not only the alcoholic but also members of the family. Society is more concerned today than ever to learn the true form of alcoholism. ... In the past physiologists and medical doctors felt that alcoholism ...
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A Brief Study on Alcoholism

1. What is alcoholism?2. How do people become alcoholics?3. What are the effects of alcoholism, on both the alcoholic and their family?4. How do you diagnose alcoholism?5. Is there a cure for alcoholics?6. What is the treatment?What is Alcoholism?Alcoholism can be defined as the dependency on alcoho...
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Understanding Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a term that is widely recognized throughout the United States and the World. ... To understand alcoholism, it must first be understood what this affliction is dependent on. ... In order to understand alcoholism, we must first define what scientists classify alcoholism to be. ... Edgar Allen Poe, a classic author, suffered from alcoholism.&...
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The Effects of Parental Alcoholism on Children

The Effects of Parental Alcoholism on ChildrenUntil rather recently, the impact of alcoholism wasmeasured by its effect on the alcoholic, by days lost fromwork and highway fatalities. New research, however, hastended to concentrate on the impact of alcoholism on thefamily, especially the children of alcoholics. ... In addition, "Clusteringof depression,&#...
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Alcoholism and Genetics

(Alcoholism: Is It Inherited? ... "Many Believe Alcoholism Genetic Disorder". ... object_ID=26469>.Alcoholism: Is It Inherited?. ... com/health/alcoholism/library/blnaa18.htm?terms=alcoholism+genetics>....
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Understanding The Problem of Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a term that is widely recognized throughout the United States and the World. ... To understand alcoholism, it must first be understood what this affliction is dependent on. ... In order to understand alcoholism, we must first define what scientists classify alcoholism to be. ... Edgar Allen Poe, a classic author, suffered from alcoholism.&...
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The Symptoms of Alcoholism and Its Treatment

Iwill discuss the symptoms of alcoholism. I will continue into the effects of alcoholism. ... More recently alcoholism hasbecome recognized disease of it's own Alcoholism usually develops over a period of a few years. ... Economic costs related to alcoholism areat least $100 billion a year.These facts should help you to understand that alcoholism is&...
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Alcoholism is serious, and a very difficult habit to break. ... Alcoholism is, therefore, a very complex disorder, and this complexity has led some researchers to question the accuracy of the disease of alcoholism. There are generally four basic types of alcoholism. The first type is called Alpha Alcoholism. ... The fourth type of alcoholism is Delta...
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What is Alcoholism? Suggestions on How to Solve and Prevent It.

In simple terms, alcoholism is a pure dependence on alcohol. ... An online source characterizes alcoholism as follows.Craving: A strong need, or compulsion, to drink. ... Benegal and her colleagues suggest that,The social costs of alcoholism far outweigh the benefits accrued from the sale and taxation of alcohol.Similar to the lack of information about&...
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Benjamin Rush of Philadelphia defined alcoholism as a disease. ... Symptoms of alcoholism can be difficult to notice. ... Alcoholism aggravates problems already existing in an individual. ... Alcoholism is a progressive disease if left untreated (McAurthur). ... Alcoholism is thought to be a very serious disease left unchecked; alcoholism is one hundred ...
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Alcoholism Health Problem in U.S.

Alcoholism is a major health problem in the US, ranking with cancer and heart disease as a threat to health. Alcoholism is a progressive disease in which drinking increasingly affects a person's health, family life, social life and job. Untreated, alcoholism results in physical incapacity, insanity or death. ...
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Discussions and Awareness of Alcoholism

AlcoholismBy Andrew Dana Allen"What is alcoholism?" ... What are the facts about alcoholism?" ... This defect has been noted in many people with a family history of alcoholism. ... Predestined alcoholism has been haunting society for years but it is only recently being dealt with.It is my belief however, that alcoholism is indeed heredity. ... I...
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Alcoholism and the Effect It Has On Children

Not only being a child of an alcoholic, but also allowing alcoholism to play a leading role in my life as well. Alcoholism has had a great effect on my sisters and I growing up, and alcoholism may also have an effect on my children and grandchildren. ... His alcoholism had major effects on our family.Even with all of the first h...
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Alcoholism: Its A Disease of Its Own

I will discuss the symptoms of alcoholism, the effects ofalcoholism and the treatment of the disease. ... Alcoholism has been often been thought of as asymptom of a psychological or social problem, or as a learned, behavior to cope with theeveryday problems peoples lives. More recently alcoholism has become recognized diseaseof it's own. Alcoholism usually&...
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The Effects Of Alcoholism

According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Alcoholism is defined as a chronic, progressive, incurable disease characterized by loss of control over alcohol and other sedatives. There are many factors that lead up to alcoholism and the effects are many and affect more then just the alcoholic.Drinkers can be placed into one of two ...
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Alcoholism is a Disease, Why People Drink and the Effects of Drinking Too Much

Alcoholism is a chronic disease in which people have a craving for alcohol which they cannot control (Alcohol; Alcoholism; Smith). ... Alcoholism cannot be cured, but it can be treated in various ways which help alcoholics avoid drinking.Scientists think that genetic factors may make some people drink too much (Alcohol; Alcoholism/Mayo). A...
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The Causes of Psychological and Phsyical Problems of Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a very serious disease. There are no "true" signs of alcoholism. ... Alcoholism breaks up many families each year. ... Alcoholism is a major social, economic, and public health problem. ... Alcoholism breaks up families, relationships, and friends. ...
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Alcoholism and the effects on the people

Alcoholism is a disease that includes basically four symptoms: Craving (a strong need to drink), loss of control (not being able to stop), physical dependence (withdrawal symptoms) and tolerance (the need to drink more). ... Like many other diseases, alcoholism is chronic, meaning that it lasts a person's lifetime.Alcohol is th...
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Effects of Alcoholism Abuse on Teenagers

Effects of Alcoholism on TeenagersTeenagers in the 1990's are affected and surroundedby drugs and alcohol every day. ... Alcoholism has the most abundant affect on teenagers,whether it being a binge drinker or just an every-once-in-awhile drinker.The different kinds of alcohol abuse are usually veryspecific, whereas with other drugs or substance abuses, th...
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The Negative Effects of Alcoholism

Effects of Alcoholism Growing up in a family with daily alcohol use as a way of life can have a profound effect on a young child's mind. ... No one in his right mind would wish this kind of a life for anyone, but that is what alcoholism can do to a person. ... The only&#...
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Alcoholism as Widespread form of Drug Abuse in U.S.

In the United States alcoholism is the most widespread form of drug abuse, effecting at least 5 million people. ... Alcoholism also creates many severe physical problems. ... A family or individual with an alcoholism problem is in serious trouble because the alcoholic's main goal is to get something alcoholic to drink. ...
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The theory of alcoholism as a disease has always mystified me. ... Drinking is a habit that may eventually cause alcoholism. ... The recovery of alcoholism is a life-long process. ... We as society have let the AMA classify alcoholism as a disease. Alcoholism is not a disease; it is an addiction. ...
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Discussions on Alcoholism Problems

Alcoholism is a disease and unless something is done, more and more will be affected by this dangerous drug. ... Alcoholism is an often-progressive disease with symptoms that include a strong need to drink despite negative consequences, such as serious job and health problems. ... Economic costs related to alcoholism are nearly $150 billion a year. ...
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These are both stories of people struggling with the illness of alcoholism. ... Professor Cullum-Swan has defined alcoholism as an illness of need, meaning it is social. ... Their alcoholism affects their life in a very negative way, they have a hard time raising their daughter, and he has trouble with work. ... Another example of a social psych...
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