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gun control

After the massacre at Columbine High School and a day trading firm in Atlanta and the Jewish daycare center in Los Angeles, now someone has walked into a church in Fort Worth, Texas and started shooting. ...
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Genocide Thesis

Their guilt was visible by events such as the landing of the pilgrims and the attack of Fort Mystic. ... Is all that land really worth the number of innocent lives lost by means of murder? ...
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The Jilting of Granny Weathera

"The Jilting of Granny Weatherall" Katherine Anne Porter's "The Jilting of Granny Weatherall" (reprinted in Thomas R. Arp, Perrine's Literature: Structure, Sound, and Sense, 7th ed. [Fort Worth: Harcourt, 1998] 174) is a story of self-realization, regret, and irony. On her deathbed, a memory of ...
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Othello A Tragic Hero

[Fort Worth: Harcourt, 1993]1060-1148) is arguably one of the finest, if not the finest, tragedies in the literary history of Western civilization. ...
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The Dobe Juhoansi

Lee, Richard B., 1993, The Dobe Ju/ ?hoansi. Fort Worth: Harcourt Brace College Publishers, (second edition). Bushman: a member of a group of short-statured peoples of southern Africa who traditionally live by hunting and foraging. While the term ?bushman? has come to be known as both rac...
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Jones Blair Company Case Study

Jones-Blair Company, primarily based in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area, is an established company in the $13 billion US paint industry. ...
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Focault analysis

The Manufacturing of an American Soldier: An Examination of the Indoctrination Process During the Gulf War at Fort Knox, Kentucky "As a soldier, you have accepted a solemn obligation to defend the ideals of freedom, justice, truth, and equality as found in The Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. ... "...
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Young Goodman Brown

[Fort Worth: Hardcourt,1998] 303-12)has an ambiguous quality that defines many of Hawthorn's other works. ...
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The center of our Nation's economy does not rest at Fort Knox with its millions of dollars worth of gold, or even the Treasury that prints the money that we use. ...
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Navaho Indians

Later the Americans came and built Fort Defiance at the mouth of Canyon Bonito. The Navahos neglect to keep animals out of the pastures that belonged to the fort, forced the soldiers into battle. ... During March, the Long Walk of the Navahos to Fort Sumner and the Bosque Redando began. ... It wasn't until September 1, 1866, that Ch...
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Say Yes

In the short story "Say Yes" by Tobias Wolff, the couple is able to keep romance in their marriage as shown through their routine arguments, the symbols in the story, and the end result of making up. They spice up their marriage through routine arguments, with the expectation of romance later on....
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Ezra Pound's "In The Station of hte Metro"

Ezra Pound's use of imagery, alliteration, and assonance in the poem In a Station of the Metro depicts a scene of people's faces in a dark crowded subway station in Paris. It is through this scene that Pound is able to uncover to the reader that no matter how dark and subterranean the environment,...
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Gun Control 16

In 1999 alone, there was Columbine (15 dead, 23 wounded), the Wedgewood Baptist Church in Fort Worth (eight dead, seven wounded), the North Valley Jewish Community Center near Los Angeles (five wounded), Atlanta (nine dead, 13 wounded), Honolulu (seven wounded), and Seattle (two dead, two wounded) (Birnbaum "Under...
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Many people know that Alcatraz served as a federal prison, but most are reluctant to know that this island served as fort. ... So this is where Alcatraz was to lie, to serve as a military fort. ... Seeing as it was the only completed fort in the entire bay, it was vital in the protecting from Confederate Raiders. ... Surprisin...
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The Civil War,North Success

In 1861, following the secession of the Deep South on a platform of states rights, the right to property and the event of Fort Sumnter, the 'inevitable' conflict Seward had predicted emerged as the Civil War. ... Generalship in the Union was not always up to standard although the war careers of Grant and Sherman certainly showed more strategic&...
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Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Eating Disorders

Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Eating Disorders Fairburn et al. argue that an extreme need to control eating is a central feature of Anorexia nervosa, and that in Western societies a tendency to judge self worth in terms of shape and weight is superimposed on this need for self control, (1999). ... David M...
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immigration argument

Fort Worth, Texas: Harcourt Brace & Company, 1986. 230-240 Brimelow, Peter. ... Fort Worth, Texas: Harcourt Brace & Company, 1986. 219-224. ... Fort Worth, Texas: Harcourt Brace & Company, 1986. 213-216. ... Fort Worth, Texas: Harcourt Brace & Company, 1986. 224-230. ...
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Seamus Heaney's The Forge

Harcourt Brace and Company: Fort Worth. 1998. pp. 607. ... Harcourt Brace and Company: Fort Worth. 1998. ...
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Fort Worth Star-Telegram. 2 October 1998: 1. 11. ... Fort Worth Star-Telegram. 2 October 1998: 1. 11. ...
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The Roswell Incident: Fact or Fiction?

Just hours later General Roger Ramsey, Commander of the Eighth Air Force at Fort Worth Army Air Field in Fort Worth, Texas, released a second press release. ...
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History of the F-16

The manufacture of the first F-16 began at General Dynamic's Fort Worth plant in August of 1975. This involved General Dynamics in a major modernization of its huge Fort Worth plant, which had originally been built during World War II. ... The first YF-16 was brought out on December 13, 1973 to make its first test flight at Fo...
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Doing Gender

The snow fort was supposed to be tough, a boy thing. ... He was going to make the fort to protect my sister and I. ... I, at four years old, was aware that I was not expected to build a big, tough fort. ... Lorber believes that as gendered beings we go along with these norms and expectations "to build a sense&...
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Crazy Horse, A True American

By the time he was twenty-one, Crazy Horse had already proved his worth to his people in Indian warfare. ... Crazy Horse's wife who was staying at Fort Robinson, was dying of tuberculosis. ... His Sioux friends waited outside the fort for him. As he entered the fort, Little Big Man walked beside him. ... He wanted to try and warn ...
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The War of 1812 Should we have fought

Britain burnt down the President's mansion, and from there the British marched toward Baltimore to Fort McHenry. All night British rockets bombarded the fort, but in the morning "the broad stripes and bright stars" of the American flag were still there. ... So was declaring war really worth it? ...
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Christopher Columbus

It was the young man's first real trip away from home, and he proved his worth on the wilderness journey, helping the surveyors while learning their trade. ... They refused, and when Washington returned home, he proposed that a fort be built on the Ohio River in order to stop further French expansion into the area. In the spring of 1...
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