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Heart Murmurr

Heart Murmur, Atherosclerosis, & Heart Failure A heart murmur is a sound caused by blood flowing through a child's heart or through blood vessels entering or leaving the heart. ... Heart failure is the most common reason for hospitalization in the United States today. Population-based studies estimate that heart failure affects over three million...
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Congestive heart failure is a condition that happens when the heart is not able to pump enough blood to meet the needs of the body's tissues. When the heart fails, it is unable to pump out all the blood that enters its chambers. In other words, all the blood that is pumped to the body is returned to the heart. ......
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Amibor Heart

After Clark's death, hopes for an artificial heart faded. Scientists focused on heart transplants and today, 386 percent of patients who receive a heart transplant survive for at least one year. ... However, there are only 4,000 hearts available for transplanting each year and at least 700,000 people suffer from heart failure. ... "Nothing is&...
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An Account of the Anatomy and Physiology of Congenital Heart

Congenital heart disease (or CHD) is a range of heart disorders, of varying degrees of severity, which are present at birth. ... CHD offers many clinical manifestations, heart failure being the most obvious. ... In the preterm baby, heart failure is usually the result of a persistent ductus arteriosus (discussed later). In the mature baby the...
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It affects the cardiac muscle, the heart. ... It causes the heart to pump too slowly (bradycardia), it causes the heart to pump too fast (tachycardis), and it causes the heart to skip beats (palipations). ... Some of the symptoms are loss of consciousness, heart failure, or death. Slow heart ...
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Heart Disease

Coronary Heart Disease Arteriosclerosis narrowing of the coronary arteries causes coronary heart disease. ... The American Heart Association has identified several risk factors for coronary heart disease. ... High blood pressure increases the heart's workload, causing the heart to enlarge and weaken over time. It also increases the risk of stroke, heart ...
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Heart DiseaseThe Unknown Killer

Infants with heart disease often demonstrate poor feeding and failure to thrive. ... This requires extra work by the heart, and may eventually lead to heart failure. ... If the blood flow to an area of the heart completely stops, heart muscle cells die, resulting in a myocardial infarction, or heart attack. ... Long-standing valvula...
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Disorders of the heart

What Can Go Wrong With The Heart The heart is one of the most efficient and durable pumps known to man. ... Heart failure occurs when the heart becomes excessively stiff or fatigued from working too hard. ... Heart failure is often the end result of valvular disease. Heart muscle diseases of various kinds can rob the ...
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Heart disease

Contributions Heart disease is a structural or functional abnormality of the heart, or of the blood vessels supplying the heart, that impairs it's normal functioning. ... Early treatment of valvular heart disease is medical. ... Injuries may involve any chamber of the heart, heart valves, coronary arteries, aorta, or the great vessels. &...
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Understanding the Silent Killer

Uncontrolled high blood pressure, hypertension, is one of the leading causes of disability or death due to stroke, heart attack, heart failure and kidney failure. ... They include three major organs; heart, arteries, and kidneys. When the heart releases blood into the aorta, a certain amount of force is created by the pumpin...
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Understanding The Silent Killer

Uncontrolled high blood pressure, hypertension, is one of the leading causes of disability or death due to stroke, heart attack, heart failure and kidney failure. ... They include three major organs; heart, arteries, and kidneys. When the heart releases blood into the aorta, a certain amount of force is created by the pumping acti...
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heart disease

One of the symptoms of coronary heart disease is angina pectoris. ... THE HUMAN HEART In order to understand angina, one must know about our own heart. ... SYMPTOMS OF CORONARY HEART DISEASE There are three main symptoms of coronary heart disease: Heart Attack, Sudden Death, and Angina. Heart Attack Heart attack occurs when a bl...
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Heart Attacks

HEART ATTACKS Heart attacks are the leading cause of death in the United States. ... A simple definition of a heart attack is a sudden Failure of the heart resulting from an occlusion or difficulty of a Coronary artery. ... Smoking causes heart attacks. ... When an artery feeding blood to the Heart closes up; the heart can no longer f...
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Mycardial Infarction

An abnormal heart rate and rhythms in a patient after a heart attack often means the left ventricle is not pumping adequately. Congestive heart failure may be a threat at this time. ... This test measures systolic pressure when the heart beats and diastolic pressure when the heart is at rest. ... Diet is an important factor in preve...
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Protein Linked to Prostate Cancer

www.bcm.tmc.edu/baylormed September, 2000 Gene Identified for Cardiomyopathy The Director of the Heart Failure and Transplantation Unit at Texas Children's Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine Professor of Pediatrics was extremely excited with the news of a gene recently identified. ... Cardiomyopathy is the leading cause of...
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things fall apart

You have a manly and a proud heart. A proud heart can survive a general failure because such a failure does not prick its pride. ... Okonkwo fears being like his father, a failure, so much that at the end of the novel, he kills himself. "..they came to the tree from which Okonkwo's body was dangling.." (207)....
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Richard Cory:Poverty within Wealth

Edwin Arlington Robinson portrays a character of a representative failure in his poem, ?... But being in a poor financial situation does not always mean they are poor at heart. ... Who is a failure? A failure is someone who cannot accomplish his objective of being in this world, which is living. ... Cory is a failure because his suicid...
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Heart of Darkness

HEART OF DARKNESS BY BILL??? ... Once the darkness has entered his heart, and he is shielded from the light. ... It survived his strength to hide in the magnificent folds of eloquence the barren darkness of his heart. ... Kurtz's negative moral judgment of all this applies supremely to his own soul, but his final insig...
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Biology: Healthy Life - Heart Disease

Looking over the history of my mother's side (MacKenize) most didn't live that long mainly because of heart disease was what took them. For the maternal side on my mother's family, my great-grandmother lived to the age of 63 then died because of a heart attack; great-grandfather lived to 83 and was in pretty good health until h...
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The Imperial Aspect of Heart of Darkness

Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness is the tale of Charlie Marlow, a sailor whose journey is through the African Congo in search of ivory; however, the story is told on a boat at the mouth of the Thames River. The protagonist in Heart of Darkness not only tells the story of his journey through the African Congo, but also...
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Creatine 2

Some side effects of Creatine include muscle tears and pulls, liver and kidney damage, constriction of the blood vessels around the heart, pancretitis, and asthma. ... This can result in kidney or liver failure. ... This can cause major constriction of the vessels around the heart causing abnormal heart rates and heart attacks. ...
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General information A heart rate of over 100 beats/minutes, originating in the SA node. ... General information A slowed heart rate initiated by SA node Caused by excessive vagal or decreased sympathetic tone, MI, intracranial tumors, meningitis, myxedema, cardiac fibrosis; a normal variation of the heart rate in well-trained athl...
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For people with heart failure, creatine has been found to improve heart function, but oral supplementation has not been effective. However, people diagnosed with "supraventricular tachycardia" or rapid heart-rate, should be wary of taking creatine and it's side effects. Users often witness a dramatic decrease in their resting heart rate an inability&#...
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Eating Disorder

My cousin was really fat and she always wanted to lose weight. Whenever asked her why, she always replied to me, "everyone in my family is slim". The real reason she wanted to lose weight, however, was everyone in her family used to tease her. She starved herself to lose weight. No one in her fami...
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Leading Causes of Death

Comparison of the leading cause of death in the US and Zimbabwe The leading cause of death for people over 45 in the US is Heart failure. ... Americans tend to be a little more obese and eat fattier foods than other countries making them more prone to getting forms of Heart disease. ... I couldn't find much on Zimbabwe ...
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