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love, reflected through the work of John Donne

Love, Reflected Through the Work of John Donne John Donne writes with an overwhelming and intense feeling that is strongly reflected in his work. ... In many of his poems it can be seen that Donne speaks of love with strong emotion. ... Donne wonders why people are worrying about their love so heavily. ... After the death of his...
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The Onslaught of Love - The Broken Heart by John Donne

John Donne discussed his feelings towards love in his poem "The Broken Heart." Donne personifies love in this poem by saying how once grasped by love, it is impossible to recover from it. ... Donne is saying that love cannot be turned on and off. ... (L. 28-32) Donne says that after being completely enveloped...
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John Donne

John Donne is regarded as the forerunner of Metaphysical poets. ... Donne's images are usually untraditional. In his poems about love he does not employ those images which are usually associated with love such as roses, beauties, moon and the like. ... Although he is too biased against love, the conceits and metaphors Donne employs are novel and ...
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John Donne

In John Donne's poetry he uses allot of images to relate to biblical themes. ... John Donne has a series of poems called the "Holy Sonnets". ... In Holy Sonnet X John Donne explains his faith. Death, commonly viewed as an all-powerful force against life, is otherwise described in John Donne's Holy Sonnet 10. ... Where people loved ...
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John Donne Poetry

Many things become apparent throughout John Donne's poetry however one theme is particularly apparent. ... Through this poem and many other many of John Donne's distinct characteristics come through. ... It is a carefully constructed argument again typical of John Donne. ... Even though John Donne was a man of the cloth had a religious man, he st...
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Ideas are clearly the imaginative core of John Donne's poetry. ... The thematic setting and central focus of the poem is that of love surpassing physical boundaries. ... This conceit is set to convey the idea of love surpassing physical boundaries. ... Through an extensive study of John Donnes poetry and, in particular, extensive study of&#...
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John Donne

John Donne and the musical band Foreigner are both artists who have put their thoughts for their quest of true love into words. John Donne expresses his search in time in his poem, "The Canonization" and Foreigner does so in their song, " I Want To Know What Love Is." In John Donne's poem "The Canonization" there&...
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Love's Alchemy

In "Love's Alchemy," John Donne sets up an analogy between the Platonists, who try, endlessly, to discover spiritual love, and the alchemists, who in Donne's time, tried to extract gold from baser metals. This analogy allows Donne to express his beliefs that such spiritual love does not exist and those who are searching for it ...
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Imagery in John Donne's The Broken Heart

Imagery in "The Broken Heart" John Donnes' poem "The Broken Heart" is full of imagery, used to portray his broken heart. Donne uses the imagery so we can get a visual picture of what love means to him. ... Donne also gives us the image of love swallowing his heart whole. ... In the last line of this ...
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Doing Donne Donnes Use of Conceit in Holy Sonnet 14

Doing Donne: Donne's Use of the Divine Rape Conceit in Holy Sonnet 14 As a young poet, John Donne often utilized metaphors of spiritual bond in many of his Songs and Sonnets in order to explain fleshly love. Once he renounced Catholicism and converted to the Anglican faith (circa 1597), Donne donned a&...
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Air and Angels By John Donne

John Donne's theory is that love cannot exist in nothing or in things, but somewhere in-between. ... John Donne discusses the ideal of "ballast love," ballast meaning anything heavy carried in a ship to give stability. This ideal of "ballast love" used by John Donne means that he had intended ...
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John Donne- A Valediction Forbidding Mourning, Pseudo-Marty

John Donne is known today as being the chief writer of verse known as metaphysical poetry, which features elaborate conceits and surprising symbols, wrapped up in original, challenging language structures. John Donne was born to a Roman Catholic family in 1572 on Bread Street in London. ... The last poem John Donne wrote before he died was Hymn to...
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John Donne's Holy Sonnets

The Holy Sonnets By making many references to the Bible, John Donne's Holy Sonnets reveal his want to be accepted and forgiven by God. ... A central theme of healing and forgiveness imply that John Donne, however much he wrote about God and being holy, wasn't such a holy man all of the time and tried to make up for it in his ...
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John Donne -

In John Donne's poem, "A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning", the concept of love and separation is addressed. In this poem, Donne is able to use metaphors in order to help show how a perfect love says goodbye. ... In this stanza, Donne transitions from talking about death to a man talking to his loved one. ... Through...
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John Donne

All of John Donne's verse, his love sonnets and his religious poems, can be distinguished by a blend of passion and reason. ... In this his physicians, "by their love" have become map readers, studying him to discover the cause of sins, just as "cosmographers" study maps. ... After John Donne pleads to God for salvation he be...
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The Broken Heart Analysis

John Donne in his poem "The Broken Heart" uses imagery to reveal his mournful,pasionate attitude toward the nature of love. The poem is aout how Donne's heart was broken and therefore aptly titled. ... Donne uses imagery in comparing love to a plague, suggesting that someone cannot have a firey intensity for another personh&...
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John Donne 2

Song This poem by John Donne is about a relationship with him and his lover. ... There are two kinds of love, agape and eros. Agapaic love is the kind that is displayed in this relationship. ... Eros love is the kind of love that is based on physical attraction and only the things that can be physically touched. Eros ...
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John Donne and Shakespeare

A comparison of "Holy Sonnet XIV" by John Donne and "Sonnet 130" by William Shakespeare John Donne and William Shakespeare both wrote a variety of poems that are both similar within the structure of a Sonnet but with very different content. ... John Donne's poem is a personal sonnet in which John Donne questions his faith in God&#...
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The Ultimate Spiritual Plateau

The Ultimate Spiritual Plateau: An Analysis of John Donne's Holy Sonnet 10 In John Donne's "Holy Sonnet 10," the speaker finds himself in an intense struggle to obtain the ultimate relationship, which is to have God in his life. ... Despite his unsavory human qualities, the speaker has a profound love of God, "Yet dea...
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John Donne

During the course of John Donne's life he went through two life stages: the period where he was a wild, fun-loving man; and the second, where he was a well-known, respected man of the church, making him quite the opposite of his former years. ... John used this method of poetry to express his love for his wife ...
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William Empson

William Empson begins his critical essay on John Donne's "A Valediction: of Weeping" with this statement. ... Indeed, "A Valediction" concerns a parting; Donne is going to sea and is leaving his nameless, loved other in England, and the "Valediction" is his emotive poesy describing the moment. ... The pregnancy&#...
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John Donne

John Donne was born into a prosperous Roman Catholic family during the reign of Elizabeth I, when England was anti-Catholic. ... He writes "spouse" to represent the true Church, as the Bible mentions that Christ loves his church like a man loves his wife. ... In the last lines, Donne uses an extended metaphor to describe his love for th...
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John Donne

John Donne was the leading enthusiast of a style of poetry known as metaphysical poetry, which flourished in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. ... In the 1590s, at the time when John Donne produced his Songs and Sonnets, the Petrarchan tradition had already had several centuries of undeniable rule over romantic poetry and literature in gene...
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Marvell’s “To his Coy Mistress” and Donne’s “Flea”

Two poets in particular, Andrew Marvell and John Donne, wrote carpe diem poetry full of vivid imagery and metaphysical conceits. ... Line 8 reads "I would love you ten years before the flood," most likely signifying that he will love her through thick and thin. ... "To his Coy Mistress" is similar in many ways to Donne...
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Oh Contriere' There are several similarities and differences in William Shakespeare's "My Mistress' Eyes are Nothing Like the Sun," and John Donne's "A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning." ... In John Donne's "A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning," it is obvious that the man in this poem is madly in love with his&#...
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