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President Kim Dae-jung (South Korea) and President Kim Jong Il (North Korea) shook hands for the first time, which spread deep generosity throughout the two Koreas. President Kim Dae-jung flew to Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, for the discussion of diplomacy with President Kim Jong Il. ...
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Juche was founded by the late North Korean President Kim Il Sung as a communist related revolutionary philosophy that formed the basis of the political ideology of the dictatorship like, North Korean government. ... Kim Il Sung is considered the divine father and his son Kim Jong Il, the current President of North Korea, is also worshiped as divine. The official North Korean account of Kim Jung's Il's birth alludes to his divinity stating, "At the time of his birth there were flashes of lightning and thunder, the iceberg in the pond on Mount Paektu emitted a mysterious sound as it br...
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While that is the highest official estimate, the possibility of nuclear weapons held by leaders like Kim Jong Il frightens even the toughest military men inside the Pentagon. ... This uncertainty has many Washington officials worried of sudden attack if Kim Jong Il feels threatened in any way.While Saddam has been accused of murdering several thousands of his own people, Kim Jong Il has been accused of almost every human rights violation there is. Senator John McCain, R-Arizona, describes Kim Jong Il as "...a sociopath that rules the most Stalinist, oppressive state in the world" (Woodruff)...
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Currently Kim Jong II is the leader of the government since July 1994. ... Currently Kim Young Sam is the President of South Korea. ... But, especially after the Sino-Soviet split Moscow competed for influence by providing arms to the Kim Il Sung regime. ... In the North the rule of Marshal Kim Il Sung continued uninterrupted through the seventies. ... The same year Kim Il Sung died after a rule of more than forty years and was succeeded by his son Kim Jong Il....
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With the Communist North still evident today and a democratic government in the South there have been many tries for reunification but none have been successful.Today North Korea is under the dictatorship of Kim Jong Il. ...
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