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The name Muhammad Ali

The name Muhammad Ali needs no introduction in the sports industry. ... He is creating the Muhammad Ali center in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. The ultimate goal of the Muhammad Ali center is to inspire everyone everywhere to be the best they can be. ... Once such a turbulent man, Muhammad Ali now has a more peaceful and religious view...
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The Impact of Muhammad Ali\'s Refusal to Fight in the Vietnam War

Muhammad Ali\'s public opposition of the Vietnam War inspired social change in America by promoting a new image of a black American as defiant, confident, and demanding of equality. ... Muhammad Ali\'s willingness to go to jail rather than fight in the Vietnam War demonstrated his commitment to his beliefs and made him a figure of black resista...
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One of the Best Boxers, Muhammad Ali

In 1963, a few weeks after his fight with Liston, Cassius announced that he was a member of the Muslim faith and had changed his name to Muhammad Ali. ... Ali was drafted into the army in 1967. ... Despite his logic, Ali just could not stay away from boxing. ... New York, New York.Muhammad Ali: The Greatest. ... Ali...
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Muammad Ali Jinnah Advocacies

Muhammad Ali Jinnah's (a.k.a. ... Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born in Karachi on December 25th, 1876, in a building known as Wazir Mansion. ... He was Sir Muhammad Iqbal. ... He had told Muhammad Ali Jinnah about this dream and Muhammad couldn't resist. ...
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Draft Dodger

However, Muhammad Ali refused to serve, saying his religious beliefs forbade him to fight. To some it may seem that Ali was doing no wrong by standing up for his beliefs. I on the other hand, feel that Ali was dodging the draft intentionally. ... No longer, the greatest boxer of all time, Ali stood as a coward, not ...
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Muhammad Ali: One of Best Boxers in World History

Cassius Clay - Muhammad Ali Cassius Clay better known Muhammad Ali. Muhammad Ali is one of the best boxers that has ever boxed pro in world history, and as one of the best known quotes of all time " I dance like a butterfly and sting like a bee." This is the quote Muhammad Ali lived by in the ring and people ever&#...
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Biography of Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr.

Muhammad AliCassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. is better known as Muhammad Ali. ... Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay, Jr.) is known as the greatest boxer of all time. ... He changed his name to Muhammad Ali. He became fri-ends with Malcom X and Elijah Muhammad. ... I consider Muhammad Ali a hero and a great boxer. ...
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The Life of Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali Cassius Marcellus Clay was born in Louisville, Kylon January 17 1942. ... Ali became the second youngest champion in history. After the fight Ali told the world that his name was now Muhammad Ali and that he had joined the Nation of Islam. ... On April 28, 1967, the army for the induction of the military service to fight in&#...
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Muhammad Ali

If you then asked the same people who Muhammad Ali (the name Cassius took after converting to Islam) is all of a sudden they all start sounding like boxing scholars. ... Muhammad Ali would start out his life as Cassius Clay in a little house in Louisville Kentucky. ... He told the press that he was a member of the Nation of Islam and ...
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Muhammad AliHe was the first person to win the heavyweight title three times. ... In some people's eyes Muhammad Ali is the greatest boxer. ... Ali: the Thrilla in Manila. ... After Clay shocked the world when he became the World Champion two days later he shocked the world again by announcing that he had joined the Nation of Islam an...
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The Life of 'Muhammad Ali'

His tactics appalled the experts, the reaction Ali craved. ... Muhammad wasn't even phased by the negative publicity, in fact he relished the attention and the fans ate it up.I believe Ali and Anitgone have quite a bit in common. ... Ali was probably one of the most proud athletes I can think of. ... Antigone knew that what she...
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"The Greatest of All Time" Muhammad Ali

Ali was as confident in the public as he was in the boxing ring. ... In the same year, after joining the black Muslims, he assumed the name Muhammad Ali. ... Raised in a small home in a Louisville, Kentucky neighborhood, Cassius Clay would rise to dominate headlines, boxing and otherwise, and become Muhammad Ali before his twenty-third&#...
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The Heart of A Champion!

Not to a man named Muhammad Ali, to him boxing was the most important thing in the world. ... Muhammad Ali was dancing around the ring as the bell rung. ... The crowd started yelling "Ali, Ali, Ali" over and over again. ... As the official got to ten, Ali went hysteric. ... Ali looked like the happiest man in the world. ...
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"The Man who makes History"

Jesse Owens and Muhammad Ali, prove the position at hand. ... For Cassius Clay, also known as Muhammad Ali, Ali was confident, not arrogant. Ali believed, he didn't fill the hype. ... When the Vietnam war arouse in the late 1960's, Muhammad Ali was given a forced decision. ...
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The Nature and Role of Muhammad the Prophet in Islam

The Nature and Role of Muhammad the Prophet in IslamBorn in approximately 571 AD, Muhammad is the most important and influential leader of the Islamic religion. ... These messages Muhammad received from the Angel Gabriel in 609 AD, would eventually be written down by some of Muhammad's followers. Muhammad's followers, known as the Companions, ...
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History of the Islamic Faith

Muhammad had a religious experience that changed the history of a large part of the world. ... Muhammad was also told to accept the name of "Prophet" and convert the Quaraish. ... Uthman rejected Muhammad's prophecies and is murdered and followed by Ali, Muhammad's Cousin and son-in-law. Uthman's followers kill Ali and one of ...
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Influence of Prophet Muhammad in the Lives of Muslims

Muhammad (s) accepted after he had thought about the situation. ... He then added that Muhammad (s) is the expected Prophet. ... Muhammad then taught others. ... The first few people who followed this message were: his friend Abu Bakr, his cousin Ali, his servant Zayd ibn Harithah, and his wife and daughters. ... Muhammad (s...
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*These words come from the mouth of Muhammad Ali. ... However, Muhammad Ali was known for his ego. ... For Muhammad Ali, his ego killed his own career. ... However, Muhammad Ali was not just a man of sports. ... Muhammad Ali had a passion for life. ...
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The Greatest Muhammad Ali

However, no boxer was ever influential as the great Muhammad Ali. Ali was a gifted fighter and orator. ... Ali was a man that generated money for people; therefore, they had to listen to him. ... No African-American has ever demanded the respect of Whites as Ali did. ... For example, do you think that society would care ab...
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Sunni Islam

Muhammad was the leader and founder of the religion Islam, which worships the god named Allah. ... This sect gets its name from the word Sunnah, meaning example, referring to the acts of the prophet Muhammad. ... The hadith, which contains a collection of saying and acts of Muhammad and the first Muslims, is also used as a reference of Is...
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History of Islamic World

In 613, Muhammad introduced Islam. ... Many people supported Muhammad's cousin and son-in-law, 'Ali, to be caliph. ... 'Ali was finally chosen as caliph; however, another Umayyad, Mu'awiya, challenged 'Ali's authority, eventually claiming the caliphate for himself. Much conflict followed, and 'Ali was later killed, allowing Mu&...
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The Great Cassius Clay

Summary:Cassius Clay better known as Muhammad Ali is by far the greatest boxer of all time. "King of the World" by David Reminick is a very detailed biography of Muhammad and good documentation how boxing used to be. ... When Cassius Clay converted to Muslim he changed his name to Muhammad Alli. He became very close with Elijah Muhammad and...
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Religion of Islam

Sunni Muslims follow the faith and practice of Muhammad and the four successors of Muhammad. ... It is known as the Party of ˜Ali, who was the fourth caliph and the cousin and son-in-law of Muhammad. The Shi\'ites believes Ali was the first legitimate successor. ... The center of worship and teachings is the love and devotion for A...
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Sunnis and Shiites: Separate religions of Islam

In early Islamic history the Shi'ites were a political faction (shi'at 'Ali, "party of 'Ali") that supported the power of 'Ali, who was a son-in-law of Muhammad and the fourth caliph of the Muslim community. 'Ali was killed while trying to keep his authority as caliph. ... 'Ali never quite received the faithfulne...
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A Summary of Religoins

Islam---Muhammad was born in MeccaMuch of what we know about him, we know through the Qur'an and the hadiths remembrance of him by his followersSupreme god Allah was an object of faith but not of worshipLocated in Mecca was a black meteorite that had fallen to earth long before Muhammad time; it is believed to have been sent from heaven&...
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