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My Visit To The National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. and the on-line versionAugust 25, 2001This past week I went downtown to Washington, DC to visit and tour the Museum of Natural History. ... While at the museum I learned that they also offer an on-line tour as well. ... The museum had an exhibit of many o...
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Ancient Egypt

Through this cultural assignment I decided to take use of the facilities offered by the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. ... After attending this exhibit I left with an enriched knowledge and a greater love of natural and cultural history. ... I have lived in this city for my whole life, but have never taken full advantage of the Carnegie Mu...
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The History of the Japanese American Museum

Since it is a museum, it offers historical information and many services to both the Japanese American and non-Japanese community about the role that Japanese played in American history. ... These individuals wanted to preserve the Japanese American's contributions to California and the United States history. ... The music, along with poetry and natural effects,...
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Rosicrucian Museum Evaluation

Since the sixth grade, Egyptian culture and way of life have been the intrigue behind my interest in Egyptian history. This is the third time that I have been to this museum, but the exhibits are constantly changing making every trip unlike the last and helping me maintain interest in the museum. ... Unlike most museum exhibits, the setup&#...
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The African Museum

I went to the Museum for African Art displaying the Hair exhibit. ... The second museum that I went to was the Metropolitan Museum of Art. ... The third museum that I went to was the Museum of Natural History. ... One exhibition that was in this museum was of the Mbuti pygamies in theIturi forest. ... They mostly had a natural die...
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"New York Historical Society"

Members and guest of the society gathered at the American Museum of Natural History and proceeded to the NYHS building site, a temporary scaffold and viewing stand had been erected for the day's events. ... Samuel Verplank Hoffman, reviewed the society's history and listed the articles and publications sealed in a copper box in the corner stone. ...
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Exhibits of Ancient Egypt's Culture

Museums such as the Field Museum attempt to give its visitors a sense of the culture and history of different countries, as well as a sense of US culture and history. ... In this manner, museum officials are looking to attract more people and consequently bring in more money. ... In doing so, however, the museum visitor does not get ...
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Documentary on the Natural Bridges State Beach

The place I chose to go was to the Natural Bridges State Beach in Santa Cruz. ... When I asked my friends if they knew of any natural sites or museums, the first one they recommended was the Natural Bridges State Beaches. ... I had never seen an actual whale that was not in a museum. ... I really can't blame him but I need to ...
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Ancient Egypt

I first began my research at the Smithsonian Institute National Museum of Natural History. Ancient Egyptian history covers a period of over three thousand years. Most modern countries histories are only hundreds of years old. ...
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Rye, J.D. Salinger book, The Catcher in the Rye

The Museum of Natural History is an example of things staying the same. ... In the book, Holden comes across as the type of person who is anti change and wants his surroundings to stay the same.The Museum of Natural History is a big example that Holden dislikes change. Every floor and every showcase stage in the museum never changes...
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Getty Museum

<B> Getty Museum reportGetty Center is a place to experience and enjoy art in unique setting that features dramatic architecture, tranquil gardens, and breathtaking views. ... The museum it self is separated into four different section which are North Pavilion, South Pavilion, East Pavilion and West Pavilion, which has its own type of collection of...
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Philadelphia Museum of Art Visited

Ruisdael and MonetWhen one arrives in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, he or she may be surprised, as I was, by its grand entrance. ... This painting appeals on many levels; it is a history painting documenting Dutch farmers of the 17th century, it is a representation of northern European style, and it is a detail...
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The Grand Philadelphia Museum of Art

Ruisdael and MonetWhen one arrives in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, he or she may be surprised, as I was, by its grand entrance. ... This painting appeals on many levels; it is a history painting documenting Dutch farmers of the 17th century, it is a representation of northern European style, and it is a detail...
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James Clifford Essay Review

Histories of the Tribal and the ModernIn James Clifford's essay, "Histories of the Tribal and the Modern," the appearance of tribal art(ifacts), some grouped with modern art, in several museum galleries comes under fire. ... Clifford also highly objects to one museum's, the Museum of Modern Art, use of the word 'affinity' in ...
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Willamette Meterorite

William Dodge for $20, 600, and she gave it to the American Museum of Natural History.Ever since this exchange of ownership happened the Willamette meteorite has be the focus of many debates of who actually owns it. ... They felt that it should remain a part of the ancient history of Oregon and to the people in the area. ... On September&...
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The Definition of Archaeopteryx lithographica

This was brought to the British Museum of Natural History in London to be studdied. ... The head was crushed, but was still taken by the Berlin museum for studdy.The forth fossil was also found in 1958 near Langenaltheim, England. ...
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The Theory of An artist

Freshman Essay for College admissionWhen I go into New York City on a crisp autumn morning and bring a few pieces of charcoal, a watercolor kit and a sketchbook, the urban atmosphere stimulates my creativity and natural inner urge to design, particularly fashion designs. ... At the university, I found an environment that radiates strong academic purpose...
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The Egyptian Hall at the Carnegie Museum is an excellent way to study ancient Egyptian culture. ... The research project for my anthropology class taught me a lot about the history of Egypt, and now I know more about the culture than I ever thought I would. ... An interesting piece at the museum that I particularly enjoyed ...
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Charle's Peace's Emblems

One's complex self can be understood easier by an artist's work.A particular self-portrait would be that of Charles Willson Peace, entitled "The Artist In His Museum" (1822). ... The turkey, which was brought to the museum by his son, was from a westward expedition to Missouri. ... The turkey was also a naturalist's response to&#...
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The Japanese Ancestry

No one thing in modern history has ever inspired such a fear and hatred towards an ethnic group, as did that day on December 7, 1941. ... It was a period in United States history when reason, and compassion, were disposed of. ... Summers are hot and winters cold, and the natural vegetation in the vicinity is desert scrub and non-nativ...
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History of American Indians

In the end, the superiority of the U.S. government, the large number of settlers, and the destruction of the natural environment upon which the Natives depended for their survival overwhelmed the American Indians.In 1830, the Congress ordered the total removal of all American Indians to West of the Mississippi river. ... The Lemhi Shoshone, have ...
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The Great African-American Dancers

Gyrating hips, fast feet, high stepping, and magnificent moves, are characteristics that belong to the great African-American dancers of history's past. Famu's Black Archives Museum has a vast collection of African-American artifacts including a variety of pictures of dazzling African-American dancers. ... His combination of tap dancing, song, te...
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Extinction to the Brink

Whether the extinction of a species camefrom annihilation by man, or natural causes; the problem is that the species cannot bereborn. ... For Australian museum director MikeArcher, this was fifteen years of hopes and dreams coming true. ... It was said that the population of the Tasmanian Tiger was the victim of tiger trapping; avery prosperous tra...
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The Development of Human Greek Scriptures

This sculpture is located at the Metropolitan Museum of art in New York City. ... To see this dramatic masterpiece people must travel to the Vatican Museum in Rome. ... This led us into the Classical period, when a more natural, athletic body began to appear. ... All of these sculptures show the development of the human form and are pa...
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The Diamond State of Delaware

It was some rivers and creeks land definition and tons of history, but there isn't very many people there compared to California. ... They have the biggest natural cypress swamp in the world and Pocomoke Swamp the northern most swamp in the United States. ... Delaware has common natural resources. Kaolin is the most significant natural resource followed ...
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