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English: not the official language

"English should NOT be the official language in the United States" Why do people come to the United States of America? ... That is why English should not be made the official language in this country. ... Making English the official language would defeat the whole purpose of this country. ... If English was never the official language for...
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english as the official language in the us

Non English languages can still be taught in our society and elected officials can use other languages to communicate with constituents. ... Congress is presently working on a bill to make English our country's official language. ... "Should the United States Adopt&...
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English-- Our Official Languag

The English Language: Make It Official! ... Its members aim to make English the official language in order to give immigrants an opportunity to learn the English language ("U.S. ... The argument for an official language has been ongoing for many years. ... His amendment would make English the official language and overrule any act or law requi...
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Should the United States Congress Designate English to be the Nations Official Language

I believe that if the United State were to have an official language then jobs would have the right to enforce a language policy, but since there is not an official language immigrants are clearly being discriminated against. ... (English, Official Language, 1997) Republicans concerns suggest that without enforcing an official language the United ...
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offical language of the us

Official language of the United States In the world there are many types of languages and there are many types of cultures that go along with these languages. ... Even though there are millions of different languages in America today English is our nations official language. ... English is the united states official language and it seem lik...
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Vietnam Introduction

A representative could be an official United States office, like the US-ASEAN Council, or it could be a private entity, like a bank. ... Business protocol has more ritual with government officials than it does within the private sector. When you meet with government officials, a local person will accompany you to make your introduction. ... Language&...
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Prop. 63

"The Official English Language" Proposition 63 will make English the Official Language of the United States and I am against The official English Law. ... The official English Law will prohibit federal and state laws, ordinances, regulations, orders, programs and policies from requiring the use of other languages. &#...
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Greece 3

Few languages are spoken in Greece. The majority of Greeks speak their official native language - Greek. While very few people speak languages other than Greek, some English and French is also spoken. Because Greek is the official language spoken and the majority of the Greek population speak Greek, that doesn't mean that English and ...
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The dilemma between making English the only official language in America or having multiple official languages is an important issue that affects everyone that speaks a language in America, especially those that drive or go to school. ... English should be the only official language in America in order to keep from spending money and to avoid problems in the...
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English Language

LANGUAGE SHOULD BE LEFT ALONE In American society language is constantly operated for political intentions. ... House of Representatives approved a bill that would make English the official language of the United States. The Emerson Bill (H.R.123), passed by the House last August, specifies English as the official language of ...
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language conflict in canda

English-speaking Canadians continued to try to suppress French culture and land language. ... They suggested bi-lingualism, the recognition of both French and English as official Canadian languages. ... In an attempt to stall the independence movement, the Ottawa government initiated official bi-lingualism in 1968, making French Canada's other official langu...
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National Language

There is no question what the language of this country is, it is irrefutably English, it was the language of our Founding Fathers and the language that the Declaration of Independence was written in, as well as the United States Constitution. ... As we have seen in countries like Belgium and Canada, opposing language-speaking sides argue over what...
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Learning languages

If I look at my average grades for languages I see that I'm not that good at it, although I think it's important to be skilled at languages. ... My main difficulty is writing a foreign language. Most of the time I practice languages by talking to family members, friends or by watching television, but it's rather rare that I wri...
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trading with japan

International Language in Japan Japanese is the official language of Japan. It is a complex and subtle language, and is spoken no where else in the world as a primary language. ... Something that can present problems or difficulties when exchanging business with Japan is language and translation difficulties, but with the help from some devi...
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American Language

Its members aim to make English the official language in order to give immigrants an opportunity to learn the English language ("U.S. ... The argument for an official language has been ongoing for many years. ... His amendment would make English the official language and overrule any act or law requiring the use of any other language. ... Twen...
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Costa Rica

Costa Rica The country's official name is Republica de Costa Rica or Republic of Costa Rica. ... Spanish is the common language in Costa Rica, but English is taught has a second language in school. Some Indians speak their native language but it is isolated. ...
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English as a language

If language-minority students were taught some subjects in their native tongue, proponents insisted, they potentially could learn English without sacrificing content knowledge. But bilingual education's critics argue that the approach keeps students in a cycle of native language dependency that ultimately inhibits significant progress in English language acquisition....
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Niger Language Spoken French is the official national language, but it is spoken by only a small minority of the people. The Various ethnic groups use their own local languages, and Hausa is spoken all over the country as the language of trade. ...
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South Africa is diverse in culture but could be unified in language

English should be South Africa's unifying language. ... This national language would be the only official language and English would be the unifying language. ... I am not saying that our literature must all only be in the official language. ... English, as an official language is essential in order for our different communities to unite. ... Cri...
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OLA on French/English relation

Introduction In this paper I will be trying to determine whether the Official Languages Act is an adequate reflection of the French/English relations in Canada. ... Therefore the purpose of my paper will be to: 1- Present the purpose of the Official Languages Act, and its effect on Canada. 2-Provide a brief, yet precise accounting of the...
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Why Is The World So Diverse When It Comes To Languages

There is a theory that today's languages are indeed descendants of distinct "parent" languages. ... Language families are groups of languages that appear to have common characteristics. ... Power of Language "Language has been called the most powerful drug known to humanity. ... Those languages are often called linguae francae, w...
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south Africa

Before 1994 there were only two official languages in South Africa, now the government recognizes eleven different languages. ... The Language, Religion and Politics of South Africa. ... Languages Until apartheid ended in 1994 only Afrikaans and English were official languages, although they represent the home languages of only 15 percent and 9 percent of...
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Second Language acquisition is often a daunting task for even the best among us. ... However, the skill or ability of speaking two languages, or 'bilingualism', has existed since man created language for himself. ... This data has revealed two basic things about age and the language acquisition process. ... Interestingly,&...
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The Conflict In Kashmir

The official language is Urdu, Kashmiri is mostly spoken and other regional languages widely spoken are Dogri, Hindi, Dardi, Pahari en English. ...
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The Kashmir Conflict

The official language is Urdu, Kashmiri is mostly spoken and other regional languages widely spoken are Dogri, Hindi, Dardi, Pahari en English. ...
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