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The Purpose and responsobility at Wagner College

I could tell you a heartfelt, sentimental, poignant story about first seeing a Wagner College refrigerator magnet (my mom got it at a reunion, I think) and feeling first deep emotions stirring somewhere inside my spleen. Or I could meticulously paraphrase the numerous brochures and articles about Wa...
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The Road Less traveled

The main focus however was the delaying of gratification, or how I would paraphrase it, the balance between gratification and suffering. ...
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Beyond the Dead Sea

BEYOND THE DEAD SEA: THE ESSENES AND THE QUMRAN COMMUNITYTo paraphrase the Bobby Darin pop hit, "Somewhere, beyond the Dead Sea, there's a religion waiting for me." ...
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What Kerouac Says?

To paraphrase what Kerouac says in the first stanza of the "195th Chorus" his poetry is raw and unrefined (to those with a conventional mind set) but underneath there is still something of literary value. ...
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A Gathering of Old Men

Shoot them like you shot me (203).Paraphrase: If they shoot at you, shoot back at them just like you shot at me (178).Example: Mapes is getting frustrated because everyone is asking him what to do.StubbornQuote: "I'll handle it my way" Mapes said (119).Paraphrase: I don't care what you think right now, I'l...
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The American ideology and opposing values

Both sides have a fair amount of support and I have included direct quotes and paraphrasing from authors, celebrities, journalists, and ordinary people arguing both sides. ...
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Correct Documentation and Plagiarism

Correct documentation should be used when summarizing, paraphrasing, or using a direct quotation from a source.One must not get carried away when summarizing information from a text. ... "When paraphrasing, you must rewrite the original passage in your own words. ...
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Defining Plagiarism

Correct documentation should be used when summarizing, paraphrasing, or using a direct quotation from a source.One must not get carried away when summarizing information from a text. ... "When paraphrasing, you must rewrite the original passage in your own words. ...
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Paraphrasing or restating someone else's ideas without acknowledging that this other person's text was the basis for that paraphrase is also plagiarism.Many cases through out history have dealt with plagiarism issues. ... While she did cite the book in five footnotes, she did not include citations in the text for some paraphrased material and she did not&#...
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"Living in Sin Paraphrased"

The woman thought that once the morning came, her house would feel the same as it had the night before. She assumed that even the furniture and the windows would look as clean as it had in the darkness of night. She figured that music would sound just as sweet, that the fruit she ate last night would still be fresh, and ...
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Effective Listening

A -- Acknowledge and paraphrase. ... After you listen you must put into your own words a paraphrase of what you heard the speaker say. ... Tell the speaker, paraphrased in your own words, what you heard them say. ... Request that the speaker confirm you have heard correctly and your paraphrase was an accurate assessment of their "meanings.&q...
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Teenage Suicide in American Society

New sociable characters are being learned, new acquaintances connections are being developed, physical and sexual changes are occurring (Crook 93) (paraphrasing), and choices about the future are being made during the teenage years. ... (US News & Report Study) (Perlin 176) (paraphrasing). ... (Perlin 153) (quotation) (paraphrasing)&#...
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One technique I found helped me to maintain my focus was to paraphrase what my colleagues were saying; paraphrasing also helped them to get back on track. By paraphrasing and actively listening I was also able to get a clearer understanding of their stance on the topic. ...
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Workshop Critique

Workshop Critique for Jenna Belkin (II)1. a) This paper has good utilization of the MLA format. The margins are correct as well as the title and heading. It is double-spaced throughout and very clear.b) With the exception of the cite on page one, which needs a space, the author is consistent in usin...
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Effectiveness: The Quality of A Good Instructor

Whether a good or bad instruction can affect the learning of students. A lot of instructors had been teaching me through out my years in school. No doubt some of the instructors are good and some of them are bad. Whether the instructor is bad or good cannot be judge by his or her education backgroun...
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Waiting in Lines at the drugstore

This is paraphrased to the following: Even though the drugstore was clean and hygienic, he would like to stay in the slum rather than in the drugstore, because he did not have the freedom of doing anything in the drugstore. ...
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The Importance of an Effective Communication

The best method for insuring that they understand the intended message clearly is to paraphrase What they have just heard. By paraphrasing, one of two things can happen. The speaker will agree with the paraphrased comment or correct the phrase with some clarification if needed.Verbal techniques are not the only types of abilities that good communicator need&...
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To kill A Mockinbird-Courage

You look apicture this evening" (pg #100) Atticus is being very civil to Mrs Dubose even though she chastizes him for his {p}nigger loving{paraphrase}...
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What Original Ideas?

If the idea is still there but the words have been rearranged or slightly changed, it is called paraphrase plagiarism. ...
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Discuss the Development of Piano Lit From 1830 to WWII

Many composers also transcribed or paraphrased different operas, symphonies, and lieder by composers such as Rossini, Meyerbeer, Schubert, and Beethoven. ... Many of Liszt's earlier concerts were traditional in that they would include many other ensemble combinations, although later he began to transcribe and paraphrase various works and soon began performing solo&...
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The Environmental Impact of Automobiles

To paraphrase a segment of Richard Porters book "Economics at the wheel," International automotive manufacturing is dominated by a fairly small number of large producers. ... The Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) was introduced in 1975 requiring that producers of both American and imported cars achieve certain decreed fuel-economy standards on a fleet-...
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The Grapes of Wrath and Social Protest

Tom Joad paraphrased one of Casy's speeches by saying "one time he went out in the wilderness to find his soul. ...
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Same-Same But Different

SAME-SAME BUT DIFFERENTLast Thursday I was at my hairdresser, and we talked about the Danish referendum, which was being held the same day. I asked her, if she thought her status as a Thai immigrant would change with the election, and she answered "It will be same-same but different". The question o...
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Foundation Quarter Horses

The show arena has brought about and produced specialization as the norm, rather than the all around horse.To paraphrase past AQHA president Robert Dernhart when asked to describe the foundation Quarter Horse, he said, "He is whatever you need him to be." ...
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Thomas Hardy

(Thomas Hardy Research Library (online)(paraphrased.) &#...
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