The Origins of Modern Art

The 19th and 20th centuries marked the beginning and end of Modernism. Modern art replaced traditional art as individuality replaced academic art and what emerged were four major art movements: Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Cubism, Surrealism, and Abstract Expressionism. From each movement c

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The Painting Titled A Sunday on La Grande Jatte

A Sunday on la Grande jatte The painting titled "A Sunday on la grande jatte?was done by Georges seurat in 1884-1886.This painting could be a representative of his works, because

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The Principles of Impressionist Movement

Art critics first used the term "post-impressionistic" in 1911 to loosely describe the work of a few artists whose paintings reflect Impressionistic principles, but were created after the movement had lost favour in the late seventeenth century (around 1885). Significant artist

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The Life of Paul Signac

Paul Signac was a French postimpressionist painter who was born in Paris and was one of the originators of the technique known as pointillism. In 1884 Signac began associating with French painter Georges Seurat, and by his influence Signac

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Paul Gauguin Life Devotes in Painting

Paul Gauguin was a French painter born on June 7, 1848 in Paris. Earlier in his life while at Peru he lived a successful life as stockbroker with his wife and five children. After seeing his first impressionist exhibit in 1874 Gauguin started to collect and to paint and at the age of 35 Gauguin then

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Biography of George Seurat

Georges Seurat was born on December 2, 1859, in Paris, France. He loved to draw as a young child while his mother, Ernestine Faivre, raise him and his siblings. They lived in Paris and his father, Antoine-Chrisostome, spent most of his time in a cottage in Le Raincy.

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The Nineteenth Century European Paintings and Sculpture Galleries

The Nineteenth Century European Paintings and Sculpture Galleries Van Gogh, Flowering Orchard (56.13), Annenberg Van Gogh Gallery Monet, The Four Trees (29.100.110), Annenberg Monet Gallery Visual perception is a function of our eyes and brain. We see images as a whole rather then in parts. How

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A Pointillism Approach in Painting of Georges Seurat

Georges Seurat used the pointillism approach and the use of color to make his painting, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, be as lifelike as possible. Seurat worked two years on this painting, preparing it woth at least twenty drawings and forty color sketched. In these prelim

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Who was Paul Cezanne?

Post Impressionism, as the name would suggest, is the art movement that directly followed Impressionism. One artist, who led the Post Impressionism movement, was French artist, Paul Cezanne. Much of his early work was pure Impressionism and, although he was introduced to the styl

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Two Forms of Art

Impressionism was a form of art in the late nineteenth century that used luminosity, subtlety of tone and preoccupation with sensation. The impressionist subject matter preserved the romantic fascination with nature and the realist preoccupation with late century French society. An example of an imp

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The Starry Night

After cleaned his palette of muddy tones and insipid graduations of colour, he kept only the purest and crudest of tints, those highest in key, setting them down in abrupt but harmonious contrast. Van Gogh probably felt that each color had quite a different meaning, possessed a spiritual value,

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