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Theodore Roosevelt was born in New York City in 1858, the second of four brothers and sisters. ... Partly because of a severe asthmatic condition, Theodore was educated by private tutors until 1876, when he entered Harvard College. ... Even though he won the primary election he was not nominated by the Republican Party&...
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Theodore Roosevelt 3

On East Twentieth Street, New York Martha Bulloch Roosevelt gave birth to Theodore Roosevelt, Sr.'s second child and first son Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. ... On January 24, 1882, when a fellow Republican stood up and suggested that the minority party compromise with the majority to beat the Tammany impasse Roosevelt leaped to his feet and...
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Theodore Roosevelt Biography Theodore Roosevelt On October 27, 1858, in New York Martha Bulloch Roosevelt gave birth to Theodore Roosevelt, her second child and first son. ... Because of this, Theodore always admired his father &...
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A strong nationalist and a resourceful leader, Theodore Roosevelt gloried in the opportunities and responsibilities of world power, and during his years in office he greatly expanded the power of the presidency. He especially enlarged the United States role in the Far East and Latin America. ... He quickly distinguished himself for his integrity, courage, an...
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Teddy Roosevelt

Resignedly, she accepted many of her husband's most disruptive decisions, such as his break with the Republican Party in 1912. ... Details of Presidential Life September 14, 1901 Roosevelt took the oath of office at Buffalo and became the twenty-sixth President of the United States. ... During the last two years of Roosevelt's presidency, Republic...
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Teddy Bear

Theodore Roosevelt American History Chickasha High School Mr. Solomon April 16, 1998 Second period Robert White Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the U...
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Briefly compare and contrast the Progressivism of T. Rooseve

The Progressive movement was fortunate to receive support from the President of the United States consecutively for three different Presidents. Theodore Roosevelt was the first president of the United States to support progressivism, although he considered himself a devote member of the Republican Party. ... "Theodore Roosevelt adopted a cautious version of progressi...
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formation of Republican Party

This party was then reformed in 1848 to make the Free Soil party1, this party was to focus on a specific issue - the opposition to the extension of slavery into United States territories. ... Out of the this upheaval sprang the God sent Republican Party, a new party dedicated to states' rights and a&#...
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Theodore Roosevlet and the Modern Presidency

Theodore Roosevelt And the Modern Presidency I. ... When the United States went to war against Spain in 1898, Roosevelt resigned and organized a group of volunteers called the Rough Riders. ... Settling Strikes In May 1902 the United Mine Workers (UMW) called a strike of the miners who dug the anthracite, or hard...
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Theodore Roosevelt

I was born in New York City, on October 27, 1958, as the son of Theodore and Martha Bulloch Roosevelt. ... In 1886, when I returned to New York City, I was asked by the Republican Party to run for Governor of New York. ... (Roosevelt) While I served in this capacity, the United States was in the midst of what...
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info on tedd and wilson

Fast Fact: Woodrow Wilson tried in vain to bring the United States into the League of Nations. ... Two years later, Woodrow Wilson, the Democratic, progressive governor of the state of New Jersey, campaigned against Taft, the Republican candidate, and against Roosevelt who, rejected as a candidate by the Republican convention, had organized ...
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T. Roosevelt, a legacy

That someone was Theodore Roosevelt. ... Roosevelt also initiated the United States' active interests in other countries, and began to spread the benefits of democracy throughout the world. ... After Roosevelt, the United States would remain a superpower, chiefly interested in all the world's affairs for at least a century (Barck 1). &#...
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Franklin Roosevelt

During this time in his life FDR greatly looked up to "Cousin Teddy" known by others as Theodore Roosevelt, the United States 26th President (1901 - 1909). ... FDR greatly admired "Cousin Teddy," he was his role model and he had now set Franklin Roosevelt with another goal at which to aim - the highest office in the United...
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Progressism vs. Populism

Populism, United States agrarian movement of the late 19th century that developed mainly in the area from Texas to the Dakotas and grew into a Farmer-Labor political coalition. ... The party adherents of the progressive movement (called progressives whether their party affiliation was Democratic or Republican) endeavored to make government organization and processes on&...
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T. Roosevelt, legacy

That someone was Theodore Roosevelt. ... Roosevelt also initiated the United States' active interests in other countries, and began to spread the benefits of democracy throughout the world. ... After Roosevelt, the United States would remain a superpower, chiefly interested in all the world's affairs for at least a century (Barck 1). ... It i...
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Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Her uncle, President Theodore Roosevelt gave her away at her wedding. ... A powerful and unusual campaigner, Roosevelt went along dirt roads in an open red Maxwell automobile, asking for votes from normally Republican farmers, and won a seat as a Democrat in the New York State senate. ... The Roosevelt name and his progressive...
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Presidential Policies

United States Presidents have used the power of their office to establish policies to achieve a goal for the nation. ... As a further result of the proclamation, the Republican Party became unified in principle and in organization, and the prestige it attained enabled it to hold power until 1884. ... Both Roosevelt and the Congress of the United...
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Franklin Delano Roosevelt

" In the 20th century, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the president of the United States that shaped the American Empire. ... At age 23 he married Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, niece of President Theodore Roosevelt. ... Although there was rough competition during the choosing process, most party leaders were happy with the Roosevelt choice.&...
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Progressive Movement

The Progressive Era Progressivism in the United States took place in the period between the Spanish-American War and the entry of the United States into the great World War. ... It was marked by Theodore Roosevelt's 7 and a half years in office, the Rough Rider put it upon himself to make the first strides towards reform. ....
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On October 27, 1880, Theodore Roosevelt walked down the aisle. ... Boss Tom Platt, needing a hero to draw attention away from scandals in New York State, accepted Roosevelt as the Republican candidate for Governor in 1898. ... Roosevelt steered the United States more actively into world politics. ... His corollary to the Monroe Doctrine prevented t...
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the new deal

The stock market crash in October 1929 marked the beginning of The Great Depression, a difficult economic period for the United States and other countries.(3) Unemployment increased and the economic security of many people was threatened. ... The depression would take its tole on him and the Republican Party, the American People would be looking for ...
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The Perfect President

The Perfect President If I had to make "the perfect president", it would have to be a mix of the greatest presidents the United States has had. Mainly, Abraham Lincoln for his courage during the Civil War, George Washington for his audacity to fight with his fellow citizens in the Revolutionary War, and Theodore Roosevelt, R...
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Another example of this reform party was Theodore Roosevelt. ... Roosevelt already supported two progressive ideas. ... This reform party also laid the future for us in reserving natural resources such as coal that president Roosevelt accomplished, this reform party also helped us in international relations which is important for trading. So in my overall ...
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Industrial Revolution

Laissez-faire capitalism ruled the day during the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in the United States. ... Urbanization was a direct result of the Industrial Revolution in the United States. ... The Republicans began as a party of human rights. ... In 1904 Theodore Roosevelt was elected president. ... In 1912 Theodore Roosevelt formed the Progressive Party.&...
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The Spanish-American War

It has been a 'splendid little war' wrote John Hay to Theodore Roosevelt after the fall of Santiago. ... Roosevelt called the sinking "an act of dirty treachery on the part of the Spaniards." ... Wilson's tentative attempts to reduce tariffs and move closer to free trade was not resumed and intensified by the Republican pre...
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