Destruction of the Earth's Rain Forests

"In the time you can read this sentence, eight acres of tropical rain forest will have been bulldozed and burned out of existence" (Bloyd 49). However, this destruction has been neglected and overlooked for years. Many people do not understand the long-term consequences of losing the earth's rain fo

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Tropical Rain Forests and Diversity of Plants & Animals

A decade ago the rain forests seldom came up in every day conversation. Today the tropical woodland is the theme and setting for popular movies such as the Medicine Man, and Arachnophobia. In addition there is an International restaurant chain called the Rain Forest Cafe, the cafe has a rain fores

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Tropical Rain Forest Biome

The tropical rain forest biome is at least 65 million years old. They are among the Earth's oldest forest communities. Tropical rain forests get their name from their location between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, on either side of the Equator.

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The Types of Rain Forests

Rain forests may be grouped into two major types: tropical and temperate. Tropical rain forest is evergreen trees that form a closed canopy, below which is found a zone of vines and epiphytes where plants grow on trees, a relatively open forest floor, and a very large number of species of bo

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Rainforest Destruction and The Impact on Society

RAINFOREST DESTRUCTION AND THE IMPACT ON SOCIETY Nobody knows exactly how much of the world's Rainforest have already been destroyed and continues to be razed each year. Data is often imprecise and subject to differing interpretations. However, it is obvious that the area of tropical Ra

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The Amazon Rainforest Deforestation and Resulting Climate Changes

With the advancements in technology, and humans becoming more populated and mobile, there became a need and desire for land expansion for agriculture and settlement. These demands for land led to the initi

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The Destruction of Resources

Yes, the planet will survive, just as it has for millions of years. And the debate over how to save it will also go on. But one thing is certain-we are destroying our natural resources faster than they can be replaced. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that this is a dangerous equ

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Rain Forests Medical Treasures

For many years now, scientist have been scouring tropical rain forests for botanical extracts that could cure some of the deadliest diseases. In 1967 Robin Foster discovered a tree that never flowered. After three years of studying this species of tree, it finally flowered. All at once the tre

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The tropical forests

The tropical forests are the biomass more productive of the planet and of greater diversity. The amount of precipitations and the temperature cause that their only limited factor is the light. They extend by Central America and of the South, central Africa, Malaysian and Indonesia mainly. The Amazon

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The Structure of Rainforests

Rainforests are a place where you can find different kinds of species that includes animals and plants. It is a place where the temperature is warm and wet for all season for the reason that the plants equalize the flow of temperature. It absorbs carbon dioxide but responsible for producing and rele

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Rain Forest: Destruction in South America

Rain forests are a critical part of everyday life. Even if you don't live near a rain forest, you still can feel the effects of the rain forest. Take a deep breath. The air you are breathing comes from the rain forests, as they are known as the 'lungs of the world.'

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Agricultural Abundance of Costa Rica

Banana: Bananas were most likely picked up by the European traders in Southeast Asia when in search for spices. Soon, as the discovery of the Tropics arrived, traders took bananas to Central America.

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The Jewelries from Africa

Most jewelry of Africa comes from the kingdom of Benin, which is located in a tropical rain forest in southern Nigeria. In the kingdom of Benin, the Oba rules over the life and death of his subjects. In the Equatorial Rain Forest, ivory is plentiful and is valued for it's rich patina and magica

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A Dessert Plants and Rain Forest

Desert plants have evolved ways of conserving and efficiently using the water available to them. Some flowering desert plants are ephemeral; they live for a few days at most. Their seeds lie dormant in the soil, sometimes for years, until a soaking rain enables them to germinate and

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Report on Tropical Rainforest

The Tropical Rainforest Biome Report!! The tropical rainforest is indeed the worlds most complex and diverse biome in the way of its structure, but also in the way of its species diversity. The climate of this biome has monthly temperatures usually above 64 F with very high humidity. Because the

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The Tropical Rainforest Deforestation and Livelihood

Tropical rainforests cover 5 to 6 percent of the earth's surface and they are disappearing at an alarming rate. Many ecologists, scientists, and even rock stars and countless other people all over the world have formed groups to help ease the destruction

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Deforestations Impact Forests and Woodlands

Deforestation is the permanent destruction of indigenous forests and woodlands.(WWF) Currently, forests cover approximately one fifth of the world's land. Forests provide us with many products we use in our everyday lives. They also provide for us i

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The Destruction of The Tropical Rainforest

The Amazon, the largest area of continuous tropical rain forest in the world, is greatly cherished for its abundance of plant and animal diversity. Destruction of the tropical rainforests that take place today in Rondonia is caused by a government movement. The government of Brazil stated that all

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An Overview of Tropical Rain Forests

Tropical rain forests are considered to possess more plants and animals than any other forests on earth. There is a seemingly endless array of unique species of both plants and animals. Unless you've been to a tropical rain forest, it's difficult to grasp the idea of wh

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the Diversity that Exist in the Rainforest

"We as humans have the capability of either preserving of destroying the rainforest. But whatever we decide, good or bad, will affect us all" (Author unknown). In the above quote, the saying is very true and hopefully a strong connection between this report and

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Preventing Deforestation

Deforestation is the permanent destruction of indigenous forests and woodlands.(WWF) Currently, forests cover approximately one fifth of the world's land. Forests provide us with many products we use in our everyday lives. They also provide for us

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Rain Forests Depletion

The discussions these days are why are the rain forests depleting? Well this research will help change the opinions of many people. Some facts about rain forests are, "Tropical rain forests occupy about 7 percent of the earth's surface but harbor as much as 50 percent

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Paper on Rain Forests

Every second, one acre of all the Earth's rain forests is destroyed. Already, half of all the rain forests have been destroyed. This is unacceptable and it must be stopped. We all must help with all our efforts to save the rain forests. If we keep on cutting down

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Bibliographies of The Plant Biodiversity

Aguilar, S. and R. Condit. In press. Uso de arboles natios por una communidad de campesinos en Panama. Biotropica. Appanah, S. and G. Weinland. 1993. A Preliminary Analysis of the 50-hectare Pasoh Demography Plot: I. Dipterocarpaceae. Research Pamphlet No. 112. Kepong, Malaysia: Forest Research

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The Devastation of the Rainforest

The destruction of the rainforests is happening at a great rate and must be stopped now. A delegate from U.S. Congress, Al Gore , says 1/ "The devastation of the rainforest is just unbelievable. It's one of the great tragedies of all history." Last year the smoke in Porto Velho, the capital of the

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