The Importance of Vitamin C to Our Body

Over the past few years, vitamin c has been a topic of controversy. There have been studies stating that vitamin c can help prevent many various health problems including cancer and other life threatening diseases. The major researcher and name associated with this side of the research is Dr. L

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List of Food Containing Vitamin C

There are many different types of vitamins that keep us healthy for example, Vitamin C. Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid it is one of many water soluble vitamins, which are vitamins that dissolve in water. Vitamin C is the most easily destroyed vitamin it can be destroyed by oxyg

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What is an Anti-Oxidants?

I. I have read books and seen movies where people talk of finding a fountain of youth or a potion that could have the abilities to make you live and look young forever. A. As I pick up my mom's wrinkle cream from the refrigerator and grab a bowl of blueberries, I pray that I have found my own poti

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Health Advisory

Truly great, helpful, sensible advise. Eat plenty of fish - fish oil helps prevent headaches. So does ginger, which reduces inflammation and pain. Eat lots of yogurt before pollen season. Also-eat

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The General Benefits of Vitamin C

All natural vitamins are found only in living things, but not all-living things. For instance, human beings can not produce vitamins. While most animals and plants create their own vitamins, we have to rely on dietary supplements to forfil our needs. We must therefore ingest these imp

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Beriberi: A Disease Caused by A Deficiency of Vitamin B

Relatively rare in the United States, Beriberi is a disease caused by a deficiency of vitamin B1 , also known as thiamine, in the diet. The disease involves peripheral neuritis - nerve degeneration - and myopathy - muscle disease, particularly affecting heart muscles

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Life Story of Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706, in Boston, Massachusetts. He was born to Josiah and Abian Franklin. Benjamin was one of seventeen children. His father made soap and candles in his shop, The Sign of Blue Ball. At the age of eight Ben was kept out of school to assi

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Vitamins, Nutrients, and Minerals

When you hear the three words: vitamins, nutrients, and minerals, you think of one thing-being healthy. Nutrition is all about vitamins and nutrients. Firstly, vitamins are an organic compound required by the body in small amounts of metabolism to protect health, a

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The Common Disease Known to Elderly People

Alzheimer's disease is one of the most common diseases known among elderly people. Alzheimer disease is a degenerative brain disease, cause by a slow break down of the brain cells. There are many opinions of what causes Alzheimer's disease but the actual cause is still unknown. Scientists believe th

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Recommandation For Persons With Cancer

Studies estimate that diet--either too much of some kinds of foods or not enough of others--is responsible for about 60 percent of the cancers in women and about 30 to 40 percent of the cancers in men. It's hard to say exactly how much changing your diet reduces the risk of cancer, but it's fair to

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Food Dyes and Fat Substitutes

Their is a lot of controversy right now about the safety of some food aditives that are present in our food supply. A few of the major concerns are about the following: Preservatives, MSGs, Food Dyes and Fat Substitutes. Before judging what is safe and what is not

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Research Experiment on Vitamin C Concentration

What is the concentration level of vitamin C in freshly squeezed orange juice, Fanta, Nikoline and "Rigtig Juice". How does the soda compare to real juices? Will the freshly squeezed orange juice contain more vitamin C than the sodas? Basically I want to prove that freshly squee

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A Smoothie

A Smoothie is a cool, thick and creamy drink, blended with real fruit and juices and nutritional supplements available in over 50 flavors, 40 of which contain less than 1g of fat that's made fresh to order, and come in tons of different flavors. To produce the cool, thick and creamy tex

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Essential Vitamins and Minerals

We see every cereal commercial that says how certain cereals are "packed with essential vitamins and minerals", but do we ever stop and think about what vitamins and minerals do for our bodies. Probably not! However, human bodies are unable to function without proteins, carbohydrates, and fats-or

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Alcohol Intake

The little piss-ant children outside sound like a thousand screaming banshees. A car door slammed outside my window a moment ago, I swear an H-bomb went off at that moment. My friends inquire from time to time why I drink so much, I never know what to say. I begin to take inven

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