The Ground Beneath the Adolescent's Feet

The ground beneath the adolescent's feet rumbled as the massive surf crashed violently onto the rocks beneath him. He was gripping tightly onto the surfboard under his arm, his dark green eyes scanning the rows of whitewater that stood before him like lines of soldiers, impenetrable.

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The Progression Views of Alvin Toffler's The Third Wave

In Alvin Toffler's book, "The Third Wave," he discusses our progression as a society. One can easily see the pattern to the mentioned waves. He describes wave one as the start of agriculture. It also marks the beginning of our culture. Wave two, marks the beginning of the Industrial Revolutio

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Learn How To Surf

The sun, the beach, the salty ocean water---all of these things remind me of surfing. Watching people surf on television or at the beach, looks rather easy, but it's not. Surfing is exciting and fun, but definitely not easy. These complicated factors include; the weather, the huge wa

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Erosion Control Barriers

The Erosion of Long Island's Barrier Beaches The barrier beaches, which line the south shore of Long Island are in a constant state of change due to factor's such as wind, tides and wave action. "The term 'barrier' identifies one that protects other features, such as lagoons, salt marshes, and bays

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The Erosion of Long Island's Barrier Beaches

The Erosion of Long Island's Barrier Beaches The barrier beaches, which line the south shore of Long Island are in a constant state of change due to factor's such as wind, tides and wave action. "The term 'barrier' identifies one that protects other features, such as lagoons, salt marshes, an

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The Memoirs of Jenn Gooley

As the sun rose up that summer day on the beach of Fire Island, Jen woke up to the smell of the ocean and the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore of the beach. Jen was staying with her clo

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Basic Wave Theory

The wave theory is pretty much the same as Bhor's theory but that the idea of combing three principles of science. Quantum mechanics, The Uncertainty Principle, and the idea that light were energy. When you places all of these elements together you end up with the conclusion that electrons can make

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The Holograms

Toss a pebble in a pond -see the ripples? Now drop two close together. Look at what happens when the two sets -you get a new wave! When a crest and a trough the water goes flat. When two crests

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The Mayport Beach

Surfing the breaking waves on Mayport Beach gives a feeling I will never forget. I was 12 years old when my family and I lived on the shore of a small town known as Mayport. Two consecutive years we dwelled in our cozy little beach house watching the gleaming ocean through our windows. Everyday

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The Properties and Behaviors of Sound Waves

Sound is part of our everyday lives. Just like we have eyes for, we are given ears for hearing sound. We rarely take the time to think about the characteristics of sound and the ways that they are made. The basis for an understanding of sound and hearing is the physics of waves. Sound is a wave,

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The Properties of Light

Light is what we see. It can be thought of either as a particle, (the photon), or as a wave. The photon we can easily think of as a small dot travelling through space at the speed of light. Each photon has a particular colour or energy. But how do we think of light as a wave? For this we

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The Study of Electro Magnetic Waves

All objects in our universe give off light, or electro-magnetic radiation. The particle of light is called the Photon. It is characteristics of both a wave and a particle. Photons are characterized by their energy and their wavelength, or their frequency

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Implications of The Wave

The Wave is a video about a classroom experiment gone way out. The teacher tried to answer a student's question about the likeness of the ignorance of the German public on the Nazi's actions during World War II, like the holocaust of the Jewish people. As an experiment he started an organization cal

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There is a guy from Hawaii that I know. Every day, he wakes up, straps his surfboards to the racks on top of his car, drives his car from a town called Ewa, across the island of Oahu, to a little beach known as Ala Moana Beach Park. He does all of this even before

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WHy We Surf

--It is not like scoring a touchdown or hitting a home run. There is no other feeling like it. There is definitely something more spiritual to it than simply another game with rules. I am a surfer.

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Emily Dickenson's Short Poems

In the poem "I Never Saw A Moor--," Emily Dickenson uses her rendition of the beach to portray her faith in God. There are two refrains in her short poem. The first is about her unfamiliarity with the beach and the second explicates her certitude of God. This poem could be taken metaphorically,

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The Declaration of Sentiments

The Declaration of Sentiments and NOW Both the Declaration of Sentiments and the National Organization for Women's Statement of Purpose are documents that represent women's fight for equality with men. The DOS, the first wave's list of demands for quality, came from radical women who did not

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Theories of Binary Reasoning

Binary reasoning limits our knowledge for it oversimplifies the subject being studied. Computers operate in binary mode, that is they only can understand a 1 or a 0, and this fact is what makes artificial intelligence so hard to achieve. The fact that humans can work outside of simple duality is w

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An Experiment on The Wave

The Characters in The Wave were searching for an answer to why the Holocaust occurred. They wanted to know "Why didn't any one try to stop them?" (Strassar 12) Questions like those haunted their teacher Mr. Ross. He tried to find an answer to their questions but failed. Until he decided to start an

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Electronic Circuit Building Project

This project requires us to design and build a circuit that generates specified functions on the oscilloscope, as given on the project description. Also, we were required to design a means of selecting different frequencies and different amplitudes. This was especi

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Math and Music as an Art

Math and Music. In thinking of these concepts, many people do not see any relation between the two. In reality, however, mathematics has a tremendous effect on music and they are closely intertwined. The relationship between these two arts, though it might be hard to connect

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Women's Rights Movements

Like the movement for racial equality, the struggle for equal rights for women has gone through two significant waves in American history. The first wave was the women's suffrage movement, which began in the mid 1800s and culminated in the passage of the 19th Amendment to the United States Consti

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Experimenting A Function Generator

Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to construct a function generator capable of taking a DC input and producing different outputs. The three desired outputs are a sinusoidal wave, a square wave, and a triangle wave. The function generator should also include

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Kayaking Adventures

Kayaking has always been one of my favorite hobbies. I can't think of many other things better than going out and spending a day at the beach with some friends. With my kayaks, there are so many fun things I can do, not to mention it's a great workout. Snorkeling, surfing, and

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What Wave Means?

The wave is about a history teacher whose name is Ben Ross. His class was starting to study the time that Hitler began making all the Jewish people stay in camps. Ben Ross could not find a way to get his class interested into this time period, so he decided to try to make a group, He would play like

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