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The Sound of Waves

The Sound of Waves, by Yukio Mishima, is no exception. ... He makes many references to the sea and the sound of the waves. ... All of the villagers incorporate the sea into their everyday life.The sound of the waves, and the condition of the waves, all depend on the mood of the scene. When it is calm, the waves are also ca...
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Wave Power

Hydrodynamics - effects on wave climates due to conversion facilities may lead to changes in the shore and shallow sub-tidal areas, and subsequently the plants and animals living in the area. ... Installation / Construction - construction of wave energy conversion facilities could lead to the loss of species on the seabed. ... Wave power is renewable...
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The" Waves"

Without warning, a wave pounded in, taking me by surprise. ... I plopped down on the beach, just sitting and watching the waves. ... The crashing waves, seagulls, chatter of people became a sweet symphony. ... As I sat beside my family, I stared at the waves. ... My soul has become like the waves, moving against the shore of life&...
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The Properties and Behaviors of Sound Waves

The example of a slinky wave is often used to illustrate the nature of a wave. ... Electromagnetic waves are waves that have an electric and magnetic nature and that are capable of traveling through a vacuum. ... Mechanical waves are waves that require a medium in order to transport their energy from one location to another. ... A vibrating string can...
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The Complexities of Sound Waves

A sound wave is what allows us to hear sounds. ... Sound waves must travel through a solid, a liquid, or a gas. The more tight the particles, the faster the wave will travel. ... Sound waves are quite complex. ... Without sound waves, the world would be a very quiet place....
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The Progression Views of Alvin Toffler's The Third Wave

In Alvin Toffler's book, "The Third Wave," he discusses our progression as a society. One can easily see the pattern to the mentioned waves. He describes wave one as the start of agriculture. ... With first "wave" of families, communities were formed. ... In the second wave, we see the start of a more selfish...
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An Experiment on The Wave

The Characters in The Wave were searching for an answer to why the Holocaust occurred. ... Until he decided to start an experiment called "The Wave". The Wave appealed to the students of Gordon High. ... One student, named Robert Billings became very involved in the wave. He had been referred to as an untouchable (strasser 17) before th...
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The Wave and The Crucible in the Concept of Personal Choice

For example, in the 'The Wave' the author may place emphasis on the language throughout the novel in order to gain the readers involvement. ... In 'The Wave' this very same sense of power was what lured the majority of Gordon High School to become so carried away with the movement. ... Each character in texts 'The Wave' and ...
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Implications of The Wave

The Wave is a video about a classroom experiment gone way out. ... As an experiment he started an organization called the Wave, which focused on three "basic statements": Strength through discipline, Strength through community, Strength through action. ... Students fought physically "in the name of the Wave", and started to get aggressive and ...
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The History of Waves

The Waves of HistoryAs we approach the twenty-first century, we are also approaching the verge of the Technological Revolution. ... In the third wave of history, the careers that will be most popular among American citizens will be ones which involve the processing and distributing of information. ... As we approach the third wave of history, Ameri...
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The Wave of Technology

The Wave of Technology The world of today from a technological standpoint has been making advances almost daily and if current progress is any indication will continue to do so for a long time to come. ... Others use the technological wave as a means to try out new ideas, theories and inventions. ... More Americans own ho...
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Basic Wave Theory

Think of these standing waves as a guitar string being plucked. ... Only certain standing wave is possible in an atom. This suggests that particles can be waves. ... In this light it can either be waves or particles. ... Thus the wave theory is what it is....
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The Study of Electro Magnetic Waves

It is characteristics of both a wave and a particle. ... Light can be thought of as a wave which travels at a certain velocity. ... Like an ocean wave, or a sound wave, the light waves can change with time and place. ... Blue light has a short wave length and red light has long wavelengthsInfra-red1. ... Atmosphere is transparent&#...
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The first wave of imperialism

The first wave of imperialism, called the "Old" Imperialism, lasted from around 1500 - 1800. ... The three main differences that we will discuss today are the differences in economics, politics, and the motive behind all of this.The new and the old waves of imperialism were very much different through economics. ... So the wave of old i...
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The French New Music Wave

The French New Wave was a movement that lasted between 1959 to 1964. ... Then in 1959, France called for a "new wave" and it got it. ... After 1964, the experimental elements of the French New Wave were already starting to influence and assimilate into mainstream cinema. The influence of the French New Wave stretched across all o...
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The Neural Cntrol of Slow-Wave and REM Sleep

The Neural Control of Slow-Wave and REM SleepAlthough sleep involves most of the brain, the basal forebrain region is particularly important to slow-wave and REM sleep. ... Warming of the preoptic area and the anterior hypothalamus (POAH) induces slow-wave sleep, similar to the effects of electrical stimulation shown by Strerman and Clemente. ...
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Second Wave of Feminism Making Great Strides in Reproduction, Race, Homosexuality, and Labor

Arising out of the broader civil rights movements, the Second Wave of Feminism confronted a wide range of social and political issues. Because the agenda of the Second Wave of Feminism was diverse, it touched the lives of most women throughout the world. ... While not every individual female throughout the world has benefited from the Second Wave of ...
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Not Waving But Drowning

'Not Waving But Drowning' by Stevie Smith explores the idea of isolation by being misunderstood by the people around you. ... The lines "I was much further out than you thoughtAnd not waving but drowning"apply to the actual location of the drowning man, far out in the water and out of his depth, and the distance felt from other p...
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What Wave Means?

The wave is about a history teacher whose name is Ben Ross. ... They called the group that wave and they made a handshake, and a symbol. ... She decided to drop out of the wave. ... Laurie and David were talking one night and David brought up that she still was not in the wave, and she needed to join the wave. ... The wave sta...
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French New Wave's History

In 1959- early 1960 five directors released debut feature length films that are widely regarded as heralding the start of the French nouvelle vague or French New Wave. ... It was from such clubs that the inspiration and driving force of many of the new wave directors came from. A young Francois Truffaut, along with Jean Luc-Godard and Jacqu...
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An Overview of the Three Waves of Ska Music

Three Waves of Ska Music is one medium through which a generation can express itself. ... Ska music has been presented to three generations of fans in three separate "waves." ... The result was the first wave of ska. ... The third wave of ska began around 1990 in America. ...
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The Scientific Perspectives of High Frequency Radio Wave

HAARPHAARP is an extremely low frequency radio wave generator. ... These waves penetrate down to the bottom of the ocean depths. ... Brain waves can also be altered and mimicked. ... This is done by altering the brains wave lengths. ... The ionosphere protects us at the moment from electromagnetic wave from outer space. ...
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The Second Wave of Feminism in Australia

" As long as women in general continue to avoid public disclosure or statement of their existence they can be regarded as not existing or not fully human." 1 The examination of the Australian government's reaction to second - wave feminism and the implications it created f...
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Internet Crime: The Wave of the Future

Internet Crime: The Wave of the FutureNot only has the Internet revolutionized the way we communicate, entertain, and learn, it has forever changed the way we shop, socialize, and conduct business. ...
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The Form of Electromagnetic Radiation

An electromagnetic wave consists of two waves at perpendicular planes, on representing the electrical field while the other represents the magnetic field. ... Theoretically electromagnetic waves can be as long as the expansive width of the universe in one wave, to a wavelength the size of a quanta (the smallest amount of energy that can be transmitted)&...
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