The Comparison between Mr. Rochester and St. John

             Jane Eyre was written by Charlotte Bronte. Jane Eyre is a book describing the life of Jane Eyre from the time she left Mrs. Reed to when she marries Mr. Rochester. There are many comparisons between characters in the book. I will focus on those between Mr. Rochester and St John. There are multiple differences not only in the way that they act but also in the way that the are described. Mr. Rochester is a more lonely and ill-tempered sort of man. St. John is a rather kind and more loving and touching that Mr. Rochester. However both are quite practical human beings. .

             Mr. Rochester is a very interesting man. He is a rich, not so kind, mean, and rude person. He is rather incepting towards Jane in the begging of the story, yet towards the end he becomes rather accepting. This is showing fickleness on the part of Mr. Rochester. He has lived a very traumatic life living with his wife locked up in the upstairs attic. His wife Bertha Mason Rochester is a very insane and uncontrollable woman. This is displayed when she destroys thornfield in the end. This also contributes to Mr. Rochester losing one hand and one eye. On the other hand, St. John is both kind and caring. .

             St. John is practically the exact opposite of Mr. Rochester. St. John is a more religious type of person in that he dresses nicer and takes more time in talking to Jane than Mr. Rochester does. St. John falls in love with Jane and asks her to marry him. Jane cannot marry one person when she is in love with another person. Being her cousin she can't marry him, and she doesn't love him. St. John is very different form Mr. Rochester.

             The two characters have many differences. They have personality differences as well as living differences. Mr. Rochester is very non-religious while St. John is a minister. St. John is described as better to be around and a much nicer person while Mr. Rochester brings a very dull environment and sense to mind. Mr. Rochester lives in a rather large home and is quite stable however St.

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