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Positive And Negative Euphemisms

Do you ever wonder if what you are saying is the original word for something being explained or is it just a cover-up to replace something unacceptable by society? In our language today there is many phrases or words that help conceal what society fears the most, such as our fears, anxieties, or our own personal shames. These words or phrases are what is known as euphemisms. There are two different ways that euphemisms can be portrayed, in a positive view or a negative view. As well, euphemisms can be presented in an unconscious position or conscious positions, which could be known are unknown to our minds or culture that it is even a euphemism. There is a half dozen explanations to show where and why euphemisms were created by our society some so they are more appropriate in our community or it could even be because when words or phrases are changed from one to another its just because it is more attractive to hear.

Positive euphemisms are typically used to inflate and magnify typically making them more important than they really are, or making certain topics more inviting. Positive euphemisms are often used to amplify the job titles of many occupations. These types of euphemisms have been used for so long in our language that we are probably completely unaware that these are types of euphemisms, such as the typical custodian term used opposed to janitor. The intention of these types of euphemisms is to try and turn one's trade into a profession, such as the hooker or whore who walks the street are now commonly referred to as working girls, which is more appropriate to accept in our minds when talking about these person's occupations. Negative euphemisms are also used in our language, sometimes to also help conceal negative impacts in our society. These euphemisms can possibly help make negative situations seem not so bad. Many of these negative euphemisms are extremely ancient, mainly being created by the


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