Chairs In Description

            There is so much that is displeasing and dull about living that we should take every opportunity that comes our way to enjoy the pleasurable things in life. None of us can afford to become susceptible to the feeling of small delight, or uninvolved in small interests. A chair, for instance, can be a small and constant joy, and taking pleasure from one a sensation available to us almost all of the time is simply satisfying. .

             It is relatively easy to say who invented the light bulb, but impossible to say who built the first chair. They took one out of King Tut's tomb when they opened it in 1922, and King Tut died 1400 years before Christ was born and that certainly wasn't the first chair, either. So they have been around a long time. If there was a first man, he probably sat on the first chair. .

             Chairs have always been something more than a place for us to bend in the middle and put our posteriors on other legs in order to take weight off of our own. Chairs serve as a bed when it is too early to go to bed, and a place to take a nap before turning in a night's sleep. Chairs have also been a symbol of power and authority, probably because before the 17th century only the very rich owned real chairs. The other people sat on the floor at their feet, in most countries.

             Today, the type of chair one uses is a direct indication of their social status. In a stereotypical office the executive sits at his desk with his large leather executive chair which swivels and leans back, fully equipped with arm rests and wheels for easy movement, while just outside the secretary sits at her typing chair in a lot of discomfort. .

             A throne is the ultimate place to sit down and there are still something like 25 countries in the world that have thrones, and leaders who actually sit on them. Theoretically, the royal chair is never to be sat in by anyone but a nation's ruler, but it is hard to believe that a few of the cleaning ladies did not test it out once in a while.

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