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The Modern Architecture And Engineering

During the early twentieth century architecture took a new turn into the more modern way, with clean lines and a new influence of nature, which resulted in a new era of design as a whole. With this new way of thinking came a line of architects that would take architecture into a revolution, such as William Le Baron Jenney, Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright. Their ideas would change the way of architecture and would have a lasting impression on architecture in the future along with how it was taught.

The Industrial Revolution had so changed technology and design that old concepts no longer seemed right. Starting in 1840, leading artists, designers, and critics tried to develop new approaches to architecture. Modern architecture has its roots in a number of different origins. One of the persistent ideas in 20th-century architecture, however, is the belief of many, engineers as well as architects, that "beauty could be seen in the clear expression of the structural properties of the new materialsaE...

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