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Process of Changing One's Self

Change is an ongoing process it occurs not just at a developing age but also at a more mature stage in one's life. Change in general can include the basic journeys in ones life of love, children, memories, place and events. Some changes that happen aren't as mundane and expected as some may think, the pure effect of change is that it may occur at any time, anywhere. Changing self becomes a part of an individual's improvement process, where they may transform for personal need, opportunities, values and other reasons. Change reveals to anyone a broad range of limits and yet possibilities able. Through the language, techniques, meaning and general context, Change is communicated through the following texts "The Door” by Miroslav Holub, "Father & Child” by Gwen Harwood, "and Educating Rita” by Willy Russel/ Lewis Gilbert and "My Big Fat Greek Wedding” by Joel Zwick/ screenplay Nia Vardulous.

The text ' The Door' by Miroslav Holub, published in/ during the Cold War was a text produced to persuade, intrigue and in a way also command the reader so they can take the initiative and alter their life. The audience for the text ' The Door' is generally for young adults to middle aged as they experience the need for change during that age gap. During the composition of the poem the reader can perceive a European background with the use of "woods".

'The Door' commands the speaker to open the door each time the composer says, " Go and Open the Door". It shows us that change can be a number of things, and that you my also remove barriers and introduce possibilities. Their are no certainties, but you will feel something. Throughout the poem' The Door' there are many techniques used such as visual imagery with the face, eye and ' picture of a picture', that all give an image of the everyday things that are part of life. Repetition with " open the door” is persuasive and urging change. The change of tone from Happy to sad/ confused show...

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