The Battle for Midway Fought Off the Mid-Pacific Base at Midway Island

             The Battle of the Midway was fought off the mid-Pacific base at Midway Island on .

             Up to this point in the war Japan maintained ocean superiority over the .

             United States. This battle was a major turning point in the Pacific front. After this battle .

             Japan was essentially our equal, but with air superiority, we soon took the upper hand and .

             began our offensive campaign.

             The Japanese decided to attack the U.S. fleet at Midway in hopes of destroying the .

             Pacific Fleet's aircraft carriers. The aircraft carriers were essential to the U.S. for carrying .

             out our bombing raids on the Japanese. The Japanese also wanted to establish a naval .

             base at Midway Island, but couldn't do so because of the American presence on the .

             Island. The Japanese surprise attack was to be carried out on June 4, 1942. The Japanese .

             plan to attack Midway Island was plotted by Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto (the Admiral .

             who planned the Pearl Harbor attack) . This plan was thwarted by American intelligence, .

             who knew about the attack well before the Japanese were in position to attack. The .

             United States set up an ambush for the Japanese by having our carriers ready for the .

             attack. Once the Japanese arrived on June 4th, our trap for them succeeded when our .

             aircraft sank four of their fleet carriers. We only lost one out of three carriers that were .

             stationed there that day, and very few aircraft. It was a lot of luck and good American .

             intelligence that helped us succeed at the Battle of Midway. Without air cover the .

             Japanese fleet of battleships were forced to retreat, playing no role in this battle.

             The American victory at the Battle of Midway Island was so decisive, and American .

             air power was so dominant that this battle caused a shift in the initiative in the Pacific .

             War to the Americans. After this battle American pilots would continue to inflict heavy .

             casualties upon the Japanese fleet, and what remained of its air power.

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