Eric Schlosser "Fast Food Nation"

             In Fast Food Nation, by Eric Schlosser it discusses the bad eating habits and the unhealthy foods that cook behind the grill. This informative book shows not only what goes on in America, but also what happens behind the counter in other countries. It discusses the health issues involved, the way commercials shape the way people eat and how time constraints "force” us to eat fast food. Eric Scholosser also talks about how customers of these notorious fast food franchises rarely consider where this food came from, how it was made, what the side effects are. .

             Who's the blame for Jason Villacampa waistline? Jason was a 19 year old student from San Francisco who stands five feet, six inches and weighed a "fatty” 255 pounds. That is a good 80-100 pounds too much. A lot of obese men like Jason, 20 million to be exact, blame themselves. These obese people blame their genes for the problem. But Jason wasn't so sure. Yes, he admits he ate large amounts of unhealthy food, but he points out that he had many partners in crime. Just like every other mom in America, his mother told him to finish everything on his plate. Just as Jason's mother said, "Think of the starving children.” Unfortunately, over the years the plates he cleaned grew bigger as restaurants and restaurants increased portion sizes. Little did Jason nor his family know or notice that his waist line increased along with the increased proportions. They were all taken in by the quick, cheap, and tasty fast food that the fast food industries sold. .

             Then there were the TV commercials that led Jason's that led Jason to a long love affair with fast food, which started when his uncle gave free food to him after school. Alas while McDonald's jolly ads told Jason he deserved a "break today”, and little did Jason know that it was bad for him. According to Dr. Michael Jacobson, the author of Restaurant Confidential, each time Jason ate a number one, a Big Mac, super size fries, and a large coke, Jason was getting 1,150 calories and 65 grams of fat.

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