Life Living In United States

             As an 18 year old girl, graduating from high school was the biggest accomplishment of my life. Just the though about going on to a four year school would frightened me, but somehow I knew I would over come it.

             It was December ten of the year two-thousand, and my graduation party was going to be held that night. By this time I had already made up my mind about where I was heading. for some reason which I don't even remember, everybody in my school, friends, family and my parents suggested me to go to the United states and start my future there. At that moment I didn't realize that with this decision I was going to have to leave all of my family and friends.

             When I came to this country , my mind was full of dreams and goals waiting to be fulfilled. I was so involved in my school work and trying to do so many things at once, that without even realizing it I began to lose track of where I was going. In a way I began to forget about my closest relatives and my country, Colombia. A few months after residing in Morristown I meet a wonderful guy named Nestor. He started helping me, he was there when ever I needed him, and since I didn't have any family here he became kind of my only support, my confident, and my friend. One day without even expecting it he asked me out, I was very excited about the fact that him and I were officially boyfriend and girlfriend. Since that day Nestor and I became a wonderful couple. Nestor definitively changed my life, but he also made that my sense of disorientation grow. Time passed and summer vacations came. It was the perfect moment and the best opportunity to go back to my country, " Colombiaā€¯ and visit my family and also my friends. I went back for fifteen days, I had so much fun visiting all of my closest relatives and going out with them. Being back in Colombia after two years was very strange, the streets looked different to me, the smell in the air was strong and the people seemed to always be in a rush.

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