Carson McCullers "A Domestic Dilemma"

            In Carson McCullers story " A Domestic Dilemmaā€¯ Carson takes us into the lives of a family torn apart by alcoholism. This story examines a husband search of a solution that will keep all his love ones safe. He must make a final decision and he must choose between his love for his wife or his love for his children.

             In this story we were introduce to Emily Meadows once a happy housewife, but after moving from Alabama and away from her family and friends to New York, fall in to a state of depression and loneliness. Alcohol became her escape form the loneliness and depression. She drinks during the day when her husband is at his office and tries to conceal it from him when he returns home. Emily is in denial of her drinking problem and is paranoid about her family judging her. She makes personal attacks on her husband in attempt to distract him from her obvious condition. Although Emily loves her children she takes advantage of the kids' being young. She doesn't believe her drinking will effect them. She also doesn't realize her escape by drinking is not helping her marriage.

             Martin is an ideal loving husband, longs for the days when his family was happy and alcohol was not a part of their lives. He disappointed in the change he sees in his wife. He's tired of his wife drunken outburst and the games she plays to manipulate their children. He worried that his children will not forget their mother alcoholism and will grow up emotionally strained by their mother's problem. He tried to protect his children from their mother so he hired a maid to look after them.

             Although Martin loves his wife he began to realize he couldn't help his wife. He understands he must make a decision that is in the best interest of his children and in the best interest of himself. In the end martin choose him children.

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