Maintaining A Balanced Diet and Exercise

            What does having a balanced diet and exercise mean anyway? First of all, maintaining a balanced diet and exercise does not mean starving oneself or eating on an unhealthy rampage of sweets and oil-drenched foods. Unlike the Hollywood expectations of looking like the too-skinny models, maintaining a healthy diet and exercise should shape a body to a healthier look such as Charlize Theron or Jennifer Lopez. Having and maintaining a balance of diet and exercise includes eating smart and doing some sort of cardiovascular activity 3 times a week. The key is to eat smart, not less; also, to be persistent in exercise until it becomes more of a habit. This healthy outlook can change someone's life physically and mentally.

             A healthy lifestyle changes a lot of a person's physical appearance (looking more radiant) and emotional mentality (having more confidence when doing things). Starting with food intake, a person's diet should not be deprived, but controlled. A daily balance of the different food groups is a necessity. Indulging every once in a while is ok as long as it is controlled; it is explained everywhere that the food categorized in the fats and oils group should be used sparingly. A daily calorie counting (measurement of energy contained in a food substance) is a good tool to keep control in the intake of food in one day; the approximation of calorie intake in one day is usually around 2,000 calories. The next crucial thing in maintaining a healthier lifestyle includes exercising. Any form of physical activity that gets the heart to pump faster (cardiovascular activity) is a great way to exercise. Some forms of exercise can be walking, jogging, dancing, and playing sports or many more. The most important factor in exercise in persistence; it can be very hard during lazy times to want to skip exercise. However, if it is made a priority to help your life and body, exercise cannot be overlooked.

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