Comparison Between Traditional News Media and Internet News

            When comparing traditional news media to Internet news, interactivity is the key differential between these two forms. Interaction allows the reader to participate and contribute to the news text. This interactivity occurs every time a reader contributes to discussion boards, sends an email to the editor, or clicks their way through the vast number of news articles and news websites.

             Today, news organizations are observing the critical role interactivity plays in on-line journalism. The objective is no longer text, but rather providing the reader with hypertext; a presentation of the news story with related links, multimedia links, images navigation menus, and source documents. .

             On-line journalism allows readers to obtain news from unique sources other than their local newspaper or the evening news. This gives the reader distinctive perspectives on current events. .

             Also, unlike the typical newspaper, the Web's newspaper are constantly being updated giving the reader's breaking news as it happens. Established mediums such as television or the daily newspaper lack these conventions that can be found in on-line news sources.

             Part 2: Analysis.

             Evolution of Journalism.


             The focal point of Michael Gasher's Interactivity piece is observing the print media shifting its way onto the Internet by producing news through an attractive presentation. He acknowledges that newspaper websites give readers more selection and alternative viewpoints to the information. As well, Gasher references the instant interaction readers can have with the creators behind the article. The intent of his essay is to explain how traditional media is developing a niche on the Internet. Undoubtedly, his essay fails to point out the value of the individual in dispersing information via the World Wide Web. With thousands of personal websites and web journals (web blogs or blogs), any person can publish news directly onto their website.

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