The Love of a Grandfather

            Through a person's life, he or she may be asked many times, "What is one significant event in your life that has changed you?” Recently, the same question was put to me, and it truly made me think, "Is there on event in my event that changed me? The one event which made such a large impact on my life, that it altered the way I though and lived.” I pondered that question and remembered the year my grandfather became ill. I had found the event in my life that made a significant impact on me.

             My grandfather had always been a strong man, a loving, genuine, kind, grandfather, a compassionate man who answered the call when needed. Grandfather made time for anyone that needed him. Some people may think his personality had a lot to do with him being in the ministry, but I know different. It was his nature by birth to love unconditionally and to be the driving force behind the people he loved and cared for. .

             My parents decided to honor my grandfather, Aubrey, by naming me after him. Aubrey means "wise ruler” and Audrey means "noble strength”. I feel however that it has been an honor to be named after such an amazing person and for that reason I have gladly embraced my name.Audrey. Grandfather held a special place in his heart for me. He was so taken with me that he told everyone, "That's my namesake!” Through this, we shared a bond that no force could destroy. Where he went, I wanted to follow, and what he wanted, I wanted also. He was the safe shelter for me in this strange and frightening world.

             My grandfather developed diabetes while in his late forties and it took a toll on his body. In 1997, he was informed that he had a serious heart condition, which required immediate open-heart surgery. Just like him, I was very scared about him undergoing a risky operation. The morning of ht e surgery he told me, "Take care of my crazy family. It's a hard job, but someone has to do it.

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