A GruesomeType of Birth Control "Abortion"

            More and more women, especially those who are teenagers, divorced/separated, and women with a history of more than one abortion, are choosing to go through with abortions. About one million six hundred thousand American babies are killed by abortionists' everyday. People who are not willing to accept the consequences of their actions use abortion as a gruesome type of birth control. Although abortion became legal in 1973, it is in my strong belief that there are no justified reasons for abortions. There is no real reason for an unwanted pregnancy when there are many willing and able civilians wanting to adopt. I speak strongly against abortion for the reasons of murder, human rights, and life.

             Two people are close-minded when it comes to raising a child when they have other choices other than abortion. Life begins at the moment of conception when the sperm of a male meets the egg of a woman. A human being is made up of 46 chromosomes which constitutes as their DNA. A fetus is filled with DNA the second the sperm and egg unite. Speaking of a fetus a writer expresses, "It isn't a "potential” human life, or some "other” type of life because something non-human does not magically become human by getting older and bigger, whatever is human must be human from the beginning.” (Gargaro 37-38). As soon as the sperm and egg unite to form a cell, a fetus is produced. The only thing the fetus needs is nutrition to grow. The unborn child is a living individual with its own genetic makeup. Many rights are a huge problem when it comes to abortion, such as pro-life vs. pro-choice. In the United States everyone has unalienable rights, thus meaning life, liberty, and the pu!.

             rsuit of happiness. Although women now have the right to choose, their rights are still being destroyed. All humans have the "right to life” from the moment of conception; they get this from God, their creator, and not man.

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