Alice Walker Biography

            Alice Walker was born on February 9, 1944 in Eaton, Georgia .


             In 1952 Alice Walker brother accidential shot her in the right eye with a BB gun.

             Alice eye was disfigured and made her feel ugly, taking away her confidence. She was.

             very shy and not out going. When she turned fourteen, her brother paid for her to have.

             an operation to correct the problem. Following the operation she was able to gain her.

             confidence back. In her senior year of high school, she became the Queen of her.

             prom. In 1960 her had change became a activist . Due to the accident, walker wasw.

             able to get scholarship given by the Georgia Department of Rehabilitation. Plus she all.

             already had a academic scholarship. She was headed to Spelman College. After.

             sophomore year , Walker received another scholarship to Sarah Lawrence College. The.

             end of summer year she went to East Africa, to "build a school in Kenya. Alice Walker.

             graduate in 1965. In 1966 she received her writing grant. In 1967 she wrote "The Third.

             Life of Grange Copeland " . Between the years 1966-1981 she went threw a lot racism.

             ,marriage having children ,being depressed , because she was a women and black.

             People want to kill her because she married a Jew. Won many awards like American.

             Academy , Institution 's and letters all sorts of things but in 1982. I believe Alice Walker.

             had a dramatic change around she published "The Color Purpleā€ which talks about how.

             two women love same man . How he took advantage over both of them a beat them and.

             sex. This is ironic because she was treaty in the same by white people . I believe this.

             book should why she didn't like black men because how the attack. This book was so.

             wonderful . That in 1983 she receive the first black woman Pulitzer Prize for fiction. In.

             1985 Steven Spielberg wanted to make a movie out of it . But Walker was still in that.

             frame of mind because Steven was white and might have degrade "black family by.

             portraying physical violence that she went threw.

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