A Research Study on Air Pollution

             Air pollution is actually the addition of any harmful substances to the atmosphere, which causes the damaging of the environment, human health and the quality of life. With the development in industry, came along the increase in air pollution, which occurs inside homes, schools, offices even in the countryside. Consequently there has been an increase in the death rates resulting from various diseases caused by air pollution varying from breathing problem to lung cancer. Air pollution does not only affect people but it also damages the whole ecological system in which plants and animals are harmed as well. Air pollution has reached such a critical stage where it affects the earth's atmosphere as it lets in more harmful radiation from the sun. Consequently, our polluted atmosphere is becoming a better insulator, thus, preventing heat from escaping back into space. That is why there is a global rise in temperature which scientists refer to as " global warming". As a result of this rise in temperature the world food supply and sea level will be affected, also there is the probability of increase in the tropical disease.

             Sources of Air Pollution.

             I_ Human sources:.

             If we try to investigate the major sources of pollution, we realize that they stem out of human activities. Burning fossil fuels, natural gases, coal and oil, factories and motor vehicles all emit harmful substances. Among these harmful chemical compounds this burning adds to the atmosphere are carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and solid particles called particulate. Between 1900 and 1970 the use of motor vehicles expanded which resulted 690% increase in the damaging pollutants in vehicle exhaust. Another source of pollutant is the decomposing of garbage in landfills and solid waste disposal which emit methane gas, and many households products give off what is known as volatile organic chemicals (VOCs).

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