Carol P Christ's Essay on Why Women Need the Goddess
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Carol P Christ's Thought on Witches and Women

Carol P. Christ discusses the role of the Goddess in society specifically in her essay Why Women Need the Goddess. She discusses the goddess' positive affirmations towards one's own power, body, will, as well as the valued bonds and heritage. Rather than the emphasis on a father-like figure such as the paternalistic God protecting the Judeo-Christian beliefs.

The first implication we see the Goddess having an effect on is a woman's power. This strengthens "female power as both beneficent and effective (Christ 603)” as an independent. The Goddess promotes an independent lifestyle for women to no longer look to the male genre for support. From a psychological aspect the Goddess means an end to the misguided patriarchal outlook that women's power is "inferior and dangerous.” (Christ 607) With the fall of this view a reaffirmation grew behind the strength of women's role in society as well as allowing women to recognize and revere one's power with in themselves and in that of the family.

Unlike the misogynist Western outlook on the female body, the Goddess implicates a sensitive and insightful depiction of both the body and the women's passage through life. Western civilization impresses upon its young women to be ashamed and disgraced of her body through each stage of development. Menstruation, although originally viewed as an "awesome power,” is now thought of as a malfunction, or unclean. Ancient societies such as Hebrews and pre-modern Christians forbid women to enter the holy sanctuary while "cursed” with menstruation. Even today girls are taught to dread that time of the month. These same girls are pushed to keep these secrets hidden from the eye. Think of the embarrassment experienced by the young girl when forced to purchase feminine products at the local corner store.

Even once adult-hood is achieved in a woman, the next step of development (childbirth) is ...

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