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Chinese And Japanese Tradition

In 1800 Asia was relatively unknown to the rest of the world. China was the most powerful country in the East. It was headed by the Quing dynasty that came from Manchuria even though Manchurians were a minority in China. China held on to its culture and the Quings did not try to change it. This was the reason that they were able to rule over a majority for such a long period of time. China had 2 major philosophies:

a. Confucianism- set up a structure in society that taught to respect elders. Everyone knew their place in society and must respect that place. Honorable men were internally moral and also externally moral. Confucius thought that leaders should be honorable. Confucianism tries to preserve to social harmony.

b. Taoism- Concerned with the mystical. Tries to preserve balance in the universe. Taoism means "the way.aE...

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