Colombia's Diversified Culture, Geography, and People

            Colombia is a very interesting country. It is rich in land and culture, and is a very important part of Latin society. Colombia is 1,138910 square kilometers. This is roughly the size of Spain, France, and Portugal together. It is also the only South American country whose lands touch both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. It is 45% mountainous, with grassy savannas and tropical rain forests. Colombia also has a population of 37,422,791. The capital is Bogotá, which has a population of 4,500,000. .

             They use the common Latin peso as the national currency. It is the northern most country in South America. .

             In order to reach anywhere in South America by land you must travel through Colombia, for it is the gateway country connecting south and Central America. This is presumed that the first South Americans (Meso-Americans) came to South America. Knowledge of The culture of these original peoples is not very well established due to the fact that they left few monuments. Some of these original people include the Sinu, Musica, Quimbaya, Tolima, Calima, Tierradentro, and Tayrona. .

             Spaniards first made a foundation in South America in 1510, when they founded Santa Maria, which was also the first permanent settlement on American mainland, though they had first landed their in 1499. The Indians native to the area were tolerant of the Spaniards, until they decided to take their lands and enslave them. .

             In Colombia's more recent history it has been plagued by civil war. More so in the 19th Century then today, bloody Civil war was common, and the country was at political unrest for many years. Today the country still has rebellions, terrorist groups, and Guerilla movements. This has led the U.S. to strongly warn against traveling to Colombia. Other things such as robbery and drug dealing are things that can be dangerous to tourists. .

             Colombia is a country of diversified Culture, geography, and people. Unfortunately there is also Guerilla movements, crack, and robberies, which mask the actual beauty of the country from the rest of the world.

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