The Comedy Techniques in Dumb and Dumber

            One of my favorite comedy films is Dumb and Dumber. The movie is about a limo driver and his best friend, driving across the country to return a briefcase to a woman who had left it behind at the airport. And while driving along, run into and cause many outrageous mishaps. Many theories are present in this movie. You see the disparagement or aggression theories along with the superiority theory. Dumb and Dumber is written very well. It has a lot comedy techniques involved that makes it so funny. .

             At the begging of the movie, Lloyd (Jim Carrey) the limo driver witnesses that Mary (Lauren Holly), the woman he had just dropped off at the airport, had set her briefcase down and walked away without it. Watching the movie, we know that she had set the briefcase down on purpose. Two "mob” type people were preparing to pick up the drop off. Just before they get to it, Lloyd comes sliding in and snatches the briefcase up to return it to Mary. The superiority theory explains why we think this funny. We know that she had dropped the case off on purpose for someone else to pick it up. But Lloyd doesn't know that this is supposed to happen. Lloyd never catches up with Mary and vows to himself and his best friend Harry (Jeff Daniels) that he is going to return the case to her. They set off from Rhode Island to Aspen not knowing that they are being followed the entire time by the "mob” characters. We once again laugh at this duo's mishaps and misfortunes. Everyone knows th!.

             at Aspen is in Colorado. Another hilarious example of this theory is at a scene where Lloyd and Harry are pulled over for speeding. Lloyd had to pee very badly and couldn't hold it for the next stop. In desperation he fills up empty beer bottles with his urine. After they are pulled over the cop suspects them of drinking and questions them about the beer bottles on the car floor. He grabs one of the bottles and goes to take a swig.

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