Crime Problems In America

            A possible cause is our prison system. If a burglar is sent to prison he must contend with the violence inside it by being rough himself. This means a burglar who enters a prison may emerge a murderer. Prisons are often used to rehabilitate and made more pleasant as so to not create the cultures that develop more criminals in them. This often makes prison seem not so bad to criminals. That solution is worse then the problem. .

             Is the United States crime problem, as bad as people think it is? The problem in the United States is the rise in violent crime. There is a rise in juvenile crime too. A possible reason for this is the breakdown of the family. In families where both parents work and the kids are left alone or in a day care. The parents are around less for support. This makes it that much easier for the kids to become delinquents. .

             There are many possible ways to fix the United States crime problem and the rise in violent crime. One solution is to use the death sentence. One less murder alive is one less murderer on the streets. Another answer is to prohibit handguns. The increased availability of guns has played a big part in escalating the number of crimes committed by juveniles. The second amendment may give the right to bear arms but it isn't clear whether this right should be granted to individual citizens or an official state militia. The Supreme Court has never ruled on this issue. Without handguns nobody would be afraid to be held up. It would be much safer to go out at night. When crime makes people live their lives differently and possibly in fear something must be done.

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