Literary Analysis on High Horse's Courting
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In the short story "High Horse's Courting", Black Elk writes about the hardships a young Sioux man, like himself, would have to do when trying to get the woman that he loved. Black Elk uses many different objects to help guide the reader through the story which help keep the readers interest, give us perspective into another society, and allow a glimpse into his life.

The story is many times comical and outlandish do to the ridiculous measures that the main character, High Horse, goes through to try to win the heart of the girl in which he wants to marry. Although much of the story is meant to be humorous, Black Elk is not ridiculing the young boy. On the cuantrary, in the first paragraph Black Elk puts himself in the young mans place and agrees that if he himself was in that position that he would do everything in his power to receive the hand of the young maiden. Black Elk makes it quite clear that he admires the bravery that the boy showed in his quest to steal the girl away and make her his own. The reader also senses some sympathy from Black Elk towards the young man.

In the second paragraph Black Elk starts by introducing the problem and goes on to explain how he would react to those problems. He does this before introducing the main character, thus making it seem as though the story is about him self when in fact it is about High Horse. This adds a sense of personalization between the author and the main character, and adds a new dimension to how the reader portrays the main character.

From there He goes on to explain the antics of High Horse in his village. With a little help from his close friend Red Deer, High Horse causes commotion while trying to win the heart of the young woman. Black Elk puts the character High Horse through an assortment of challenges that seem to be in vein. Though the tasks may not have originated with Black Elk,


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