Mad TV vs. Saturday Night Live

            Mad TV and Saturday Night Live are comedic shows that are on every Saturday night after eleven o'clock at night. They both have similarities and differences in the programs that they have during the show; and that is how a person chooses which one to watch. One of the shows may have skits that are.

             funnier than the skits that are on the other show, and that is why people that watch one of the shows prefers the one that they watch. .

             Mad TV is on at eleven o'clock at night every Saturday and is on for an hour. Sometimes the material that is joked about in the skits are of a mature nature and should not be seen by a younger audience. The show is full of comedic skits.

             that some people find funny and others just do not. Some of the skits range from a guy delivering packages that just cannot slow down and he is always moving at a fast pace, to a dating service. Every week there is a new band that plays on the show.

             Saturday Night Live also starts at eleven thirty and runs for an hour and a half until one o'clock in the morning on Sunday. Just like Mad, SNL is full of comedic skits that some people think are funny. Some of the skits that are started on SNL end up turning into full length movies; one for example is.

             A Night at the Roxbury which started as a skit in SNL. The two people that starred in the movie were Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan. A lot of the famous comedians that are well-known today have gotten their start on SNL; for example David Spaid and the late Chris Farley, who both starred in such movies as.

             Tommy Boy and Black Sheep. Every week there is a new special guest host and a new band to perform one of their hit songs on the show.

             Mad TV and SNL are similar in many ways, by the way that they have skits that they show and that they are both comedic shows that run late on Saturday night. All of the people on each show play a lot of different characters due to.

             the fact that Mad only has ten cast members and SNL only has twelve cast members.

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