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Communications 101 Midterm Exam

This semester in my Communications 101, I have learned my different things. In the following paragraphs, I will explain and give some brief examples of the kind of things that have helped me become what I think is a more effective speaker. Dr. Davidson's class has helped me distinguish and almost perfect the art of communication.

In module one, one of the most key points was the definition of communication. Communication is a function of shared meaning, and a matter of preferred thinking. In order to communicate effectively with someone, I feel that you must at least know what it is first. Not only knowing the definition is enough though, you must also know what kind of audience you are trying to speak to. A way to communicate to all types of audiences, it would be best to appeal to both right and left brained individuals. This has helped me to realize that people learn many different ways, more than just the way that I do. So, now when I give a speech, besides just talking to the group, I try to give them a visual to help them focus and actually see what I am trying to get across to them. I find that it helps to keep the group interested.

Module two has taught me to think about the way I think and act while I give a speech. It helped me to realize if my fears were rational or irrational ones. One of my irrational fears that I have realized and overcome is that fact that my knees start to shake and I get even more nervous. Thanks to this class, I now know that if I just practice a little more, for instance in front of a group of my friends, I know that everything in my speech is good and I have nothing to fear. This same technique is used to overcome my rational fear about saying um and like a lot. Now, with extra practice, I don't say those words as much because there is no reason to forget words if I practically have my speech memorized already.


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