The Production of Greenhouse Gases Results To Global Warming

             leads the world in the production of greenhouse gases (in particular, CO2) that are released into the atmosphere and contribute to the present climate change known as global warming, a plan of action is needed. The continuing sharp rise in the temperature of the air and of the oceans is a phenomenon that is presently causing serious problems world wide. This warming trend may, according to empirical research, lead to catastrophic, unprecedented destruction. .

             So, the way to resolve this most challenging of all global environmental issues, is through the implementation of a very comprehensible and pragmatic four-fold plan of attack: a) begin a massive phase-in of an energy conservation program (insulating houses, teaching people to use less energy); b) launch a major federally-mandated private/public partnership push towards the installation of solar-powered technologies in homes and businesses; c) as new and renewable energy sources come online, and energy conservation reduced the need for additional energy sources, begin the inevitable phase out of existing centralized fossil-fuel energy generating plants; d) stop building new fossil-fuel plants, and re-train coal-and-oil-fired energy workers as retrofitters of energy-saving hardware - and solar technologies - for millions of American homes. .

             Yes, the people of the United States have a golden opportunity - if sufficient political pressure is place on elected leadership in all 50 state capitols and in Washington, D.C. - to go solar, to conserve energy, creating a better future for our children and their children's children. America can and must reduce the amount of pollution going into the air, reduce the need for drilling for crude oil in remote, pristine places like Alaska, reduce our dependence on oil from the highly volatile and violent Middle East, and also dramatically reduce energy costs to the American consumer. .

             The significance of the necessary change from fossil fuel to clean, renewable energy:.

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