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World Peace in a Multi-Religious Global Environment

There are many religious traditions that dominate the world, including Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism and Muslim to name a few. Most religions are considered "self contained discrete entities" meaning they carry with them "distinctive personalities, events, beliefs, practices and rituals" (Fletcher, Kawanami & Smith 5). Religion may influence many aspects of ones culture, beliefs, values and behaviors within society. As such one must investigate whether world peace is possible in a multi-religious global environment. Is peaceful co-existence even possible in this context? The answer is yes.

For peaceful co-existence to occur in a multi faith society the following must happen: (1) people of varying faiths must recognize that traditional interpretations of peaceful co-existence are outdated, (2) governments and individuals must recognize that religion needn't be homogeneous or institutionalized to serve an important purpose for people, (3) members of varying faiths must learn to respect the religious boundaries of one another, (4) religion and politics must be separate and (5) people must agree to disagree regarding certain moral values and beliefs and come to recognize that all religions promote benevolence and just actions toward one another.

Contemporary models suggesting that people practicing various religious cannot peacefully exist are outdated and often misleading (Fletcher, Kawanami & Smith 299). They are misleading because they prey on the notion or paradigm that globalization involves "the inexorable spread of a homogenous, rationalized and standardized modern culture" (Fletcher, Kawanami & Smith 299). Realistically speaking however, globalization is the combination of interconnected processes and the spread of heterogeneous cultures and beliefs, not of a homogeneous system of practices. What makes the world modern and facilitates globalization is mankind's desire to explore new ideas, faiths, belie...

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