The Dream of A Better World
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I have a dream as big as Dr. Martin Luther King's dream: that one day Americans will no longer be divided into rich and poor or into white and black. To accomplish my dream I may not become as famous as Dr. King but I do hope to be every bit as successful. As young as I am, I dream big about the future. I am already planning for that future by constantly reminding myself of what I can do, what I am capable of. In short, I have a dream that one day I will become a successful lawyer.

In my dream, I make the world a better place by defending innocent people. I want to take on the cases of the many who suffer their lives away in prison or even on death row because they were unjustly accused. Right now, more poor people go to prison than rich people but rich people commit crimes too. Poor people often receive harsh treatments just because they can't afford a good lawyer. I want to be a lawyer for rich and for poor. I have a dream that the poor cease looking toward a life of crime because they had no where else to turn.

But as a lawyer I will make sure that justice is fair, too. Crimes that deserve harsh punishment should receive harsh punishment. As a lawyer I will work with my friends in law enforcement to make the world a safer, better place.

Like Dr. King, I dream big, but my dream is not impossible to fulfill. I dream of a society in which all persons, regardless of their race, color, religion, or gender, have an equal stake in life. I have a dream that women will earn as much as men in the professional world. Lawyers can help women fight for their rights to earn equal pay for equal work. Lawyers can also help people of color and women both to become more prominent in positions of power. I have a dream of helping promote affirmative action programs and other positive changes in public policies.

I have a dream. My dream is like the dreams of Dr. King and other men and women like him who knew that a better world was up to us. ...

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