Being a Succesful College Freshman

            Before attending Northern Michigan University, I really didn't know what to expect as far as how life as a college student would go. I had visited colleges and talked to friends and family that were already in college, but I still didn't really know what life away at school would consist of. I highly doubted that it would be as wild as the American Pie movies portrayed college life to be, but I also didn't believe that it would be all work and no play. Something that would have been helpful would have been a guy's guide to what life at college was like, something that I could relate to so I could go off to college having some idea of what I was getting myself into. .

             Having spent a semester and a half living the life of college freshmen at NMU, I feel that I can offer a guide of what to expect during your freshman year. I have broken down my description into a couple different categories; Social well-being, intellectual well-being, physical well-being, and emotional well-being. Paying attention to all of these aspects will be beneficial to surviving your freshmen year. .


             The definition of freshmen is a novice or beginner. Basically, freshmen are amateurs at being college students. One aspect of college that is really important to your well-being is your social life. Whether you like it or not, friends are a necessity at college. While this might sound scary, the good news is that college is nothing like high school when it comes to the social aspects. There is no social hierarchy at college because no one cares if you were a "jock , "geek , or "goody-good  in high school. Everyone is much freer to be themselves and not worry about getting judged based on their looks or interests. Because of this, making friends is a lot easier. From the dorms, to school clubs, to classes that you find interesting, people with similar interests will be all around you. Also, don't feel obligated to best friends with the kids in your hallway just because of their close proximity to you.

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