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The Difference between Martin Luther king and Malcolm X

During the tweeteeth century Black people faced a huge amount of discrimination from the whites and found it very difficult to achieve civil rights. They were at one stage deprived of voting, being intitled the same things as blacks and going to a white school. In order for blacks to achieve civil rights they really needed someone to follow, they needed a leader. Many black leaders did emerge for the fight for civil rights, some had some ways of thinking some had others. Two of the most powerfull and influencial leaders of the twenteeth century had to Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. These two leaders had different approaches, and different views towards white people, but fought for the same thing.

In this question I have been asked to explain the similaritys and differences between these two leaders.

Malcolm X was Born Malcolm Little in 1925 in Omaha, Malcolm was six years old, when his father was murdered by the Black Legion, a group of white racists belonging to the KKK. He changed his name to Malcolm X while in prison.He went to prison because of a robbery and was serving ten years. Also while in prison he became a follower of Elijah Muhammad. Muhammad was the leader of an organization called the Nation of Islam. During the 1950's, Malcolm became the primary spokesman for the Nation. He also came of the surveillance of the FBI along with Elijah Muhammad. As was Dr. King's, Malcolm's every move was followed and documented.

Malcolm became a powerful speaker in the movement. As King captured the spirit of the Southern Black, Malcolm became the messiah of the ghettos of Harlem, Chicago, Detroit, and Los Angeles. Initially a small group, the Nation grew rapidly under Malcolm's leadership. He not only spoke the words of the Koran and his spiritual mentor, Elijah Muhammad, but he also lived it to its fullest. As the crowds grew to hear him speak, so did the opposition to his rising stardom.

Malcolm taught a message of self...

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