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The Importance of Trees to Our Environment


The most important aspect of tree selection is that the tree must suit its environment. A good plant selection will ensure that the tree grows reliably & vigorously in the local prevailing conditions, rather than growing a plant for a particular desirable quality, without taking into account the trees requirements, causing it to struggle or produce stunted growth.

People tend to grow trees because they like trees in general or like one aspect of a particular tree. Whether it be the fleeting flowers, the foliage, the fruits, the bark or the growth habit of the tree. Tree selection is quite often determined by one spectacular quite often short-lived quality. Because our choices for our urban environment are quite often limited to a small number of trees a good tree selection should offer a combination of flower, foliage, trunk, fruit & usefulness.

The role & requirements of the planting need to be considered as a preliminary to selection. The reasons for planting will greatly affect plant selection. Trees are used to "soften, enrich and 'humanise' our living & working surroundings" . ALDOUS. Tony. (1979). Trees and buildings? Complement or conflict? Based on the proceedings of a conference orgfanised by The Tree a sound and sympathetic understanding of need & place

Council and the Royal Institute of British Architects & held at the RIBA, LONDON, 7.3.79. page 7.

They can be used as features or to compliment architectural lines, privacy, wind breaks, provide shade & shelter ,establish a sense of space or enclosure or to hide unsightly areas. They can be used to introduce a natural element. They can be used for aesthetic purposes, adding a wide range of colors, textures & forms. Tree planting can also improve climate by reducing temperature, regulating humidity, assist


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