The Difference Between Manual and Automatic Typing Machines

             Today many people use a computer to do work for their business, home, and school. I am writing a report outlining the differences between using a typewriter and a computer to do work. I will also explain why one machine is better than the other. Hopefully this report will help you discover the advantages your employees will gain from the use of computers. .

             Computers are machines of the future. People use computers more than the typewriters in the office, at school and at home. One of the main reasons is a computer has more features than a typewriter. A typewriter is very limited in it's use, for example, you have to use correction fluid every time you make a mistake. There is the advantage of Manual typewriters being more mobile (since they don't depend on electricity), but are often bulkier and heavier than electric or electronic typewriters Computers process work faster than typewriters on mass of products. Software such as Microsoft Office 2000 can practically run the office for you. The most common word processing program is Microsoft Word 2000's Word 2000 program. Word 2000 can bold, underline, copy, paste, and highlight the letters on computers. It can also change fonts and sizes for the letters. Word 2000 has all these special features for the computer, which typewriters don't have. .

             Computers can save the word processing on hard disk or floppy disk, which means it can be accessed and edited over, and over again, and printed out when needed. Typewriters can't save or change once typing done.

             There are some special features of Word 2000 such as the ability of inserting clipart and WordArt. Clipart is a feature that provides arts, pictures, video, and sound. WordArt is also a feature provide styles and colours for words. Computers can make word processing outcome ten times better than typewriter. Typewriters only had spaces, capital letters and other simple features.

             Computer Word Processors are very convenient for writing.

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