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History of Women's Rights

"This is no simple reform, it really is a revolution. Sex and race, because they are easy, visible differences, have been the primary ways of organizing human beings into superior, and inferior groups and into the cheap labor on which the system still depends. We are talking about a society in which there will be no roles other than those chosen or earned. We are really talking about humanism.”(Gloria Steinem) Women have fought for equal rights continuously in the United States. They are equal citizens and should have all the same rights as men; however, even today, their rights are still limited. This is a situation that we need to work together in and make a difference for all women in this country! Women movements have worked hard since the early 1800's and are still working together today. They have fought and gained for women's suffrage, women's right to vote, now they work for greater equality in the home, family and work place. To understand the history and struggle for women's rights we must first look at the early social roles of women.

Historically women always held lower social calluses then men. They have been viewed intellectually inferior to men and are often mentioned as a source of evil and temptation. Early Roman law, Christian theology, Greek mythology, and Hinduism have all stated women as evil, full of unhappiness, and forever inferior to men. Differently, the middle Ages allowed women personal and intellectual freedom but not for long. In 1976 there where even marketplace records that women where sold in London for three and a half guineas! (Harris,71,21) The Victorian beliefs stated that women should participate in music, painting, and literature, and where born to serve men.

The belief that women are more emotional and less decisive, intelligent, and creative than men has been proved incorrect by test performed by sociologists and anthropologists. They believe that this is because of negative stereotypes...

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