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Immigration to the Land of Opportunities: United States

Many immigrants come to the United States because it is known as the "land of opportunities", but in the last decade many political analysts are saying that there are no more opportunities left for the citizens already living here. Immigrants come here for job opportunities and to start a new life and career. The question though is that, by allowing the number of new immigrants to influx are we end up sacrificing the people that are struggling to find those opportunities. The number of new immigrants entering in the United States has tripled since the early 1900s. While the numbers are increasing, the problem of employment and wages is also increasing. This paper will prove that decreasing the number of entering immigrants is needed. Although, there are some advantages in the increase of new immigrants entering the United States, there should be laws to decrease the number. Futhermore, this paper will prove that a decrease will have a positive effect on wages and employment in the United States. I will first show how the high number of immigrants effect employment and the connection it has to the problem with wages. Then I will site evidence to support that there has been a high influx of immigrants and that it has had a lasting effect on wages and employment in the United States. Finally, the paper will show that there needs to be changes in the current immigration laws, so that there can be a decrease. Although, this paper will not address every problem that immigration has, it will touch on several of them.

The number of immigrants in the United States has reached a record high in the last decade. "In 1993 (the last year for which figures are available), over 800,000 legal immigrants were admitted to the United States and an estimated 300,000 illegal aliens settled here, more or less permanently. Over the last decade, as many as ten million legal and illegal immigrants established permanent residence--a number higher t...

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