Comparative Analysis on The Movie vs. The Book of Scarlet Letter

            Both the movie and the book versions of the famous American piece of literature, The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne, held true to the common characteristics of a typical romance. Romance as it may seem, would usually involve love, but that is a common misconception. A true romance is a story that portrays a fantasy that has nature and many weird and exotic aspects. The movie variation of The Scarlet Letter, is very similar to the book, it was surprising because most books to movies get changed to some degree. Although the movie and the book were so close it did have some differences. .

             The characterization in the movie was very well done. It portrayed the each character exactly like there description in the book. Hester was well played, she had the look of mystery to her, and she seemed secluded and isolated by society. This is just by looking at her. The most captivating part was her eyes, which seemed to have an eerie glow that gave her a supernatural look like she was a not even human. Chillingsworth's character was almost the exact conception I had imagined. He wasn't the exactly the most handsome of men, he reminded me a lot of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. He always had this look of revenge on his face, which I wouldn't have got from the book. One of my favorite characters was pearl, she looked a little older than I had expected but her character, had a childish innocence yet she also showed some characteristics of her mother, like she was the embodiment of her terrible sin. Pearl subconsciously knew about everything and made references but was unaware of it. Pearl's voice was perfect for the part because it was playful but mysterious, like the evil laugh of a devious villain. .

             The setting wasn't as I imagined because I had the misfortune to be looking at the time I read this and we were covering the Revolution. It made me think that the town was a quaint upscale New England port.

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