Man vs. Society Conflict Analysis

             This book is called Painting the Black.

             In this book, he will face many problems.

             ahead of his life during senior year in high school. He will encounter.

             problems that might effect his baseball year and friendship too. He is very.

             human facing every problem. .

             The structure of this book is a vertical. Ryan deals with.

             problems when he broke his ankle and couldn't play baseball anymore but his.

             friend Josh who just moved in the house helped him out and taught him how.

             to play baseball again. Then after that, Josh join the football team and he was.

             a popular football player and Josh didn't bother talking to Ryan. Then Josh.

             was mad at a girl name Monica Roby and as a joke he rape her with a wolf.

             mask on so she wouldn't notice but Ryan saw what happen and knew whose.

             mask that was. Josh knew that Ryan knew and told him not to tell anyone but.

             everyone was asking him who did it like his parents, the principal, Mr. Roby,.

             Mrs. Roby, and Detective Langford. As Ryan try to do the right thing some.

             problems was in his way. .

             This was a Man vs. Society conflict. Ryan knew if he told on Josh of.

             what happen at the time Monica Roby was being rape then the whole baseball.

             team would hate him. Another one was when he was up batting earlier in the.

             book he kept on thinking if he miss than the people will start hating him.

             because he lose the game. Ryan wanted to be a popular kid but he couldn't.

             play well in baseball because of his ankle. He finally work it out and started.

             improving his ankle by doing push ups and lifting weights.

             He wanted to show the school how good he is in baseball as a catcher. .

             Another one was when Monica was rape everyone started to ask him who.

             rape her but he didn't want answer but then one day he answer and said Josh.

             did it. It got everyone mad in the baseball team and they lose the game. .

             Early in the book when Josh was popular, Ryan wanted to be popular with.

             him but he couldn't fit in. .

             Another Man vs.

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