General Definition of a Mental Illness


             The dust cleared, the heroin once again emerged victorious.

             little help from his faithful sidekicks brought two known felons to justice. It was just for those who believe in the saying an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. The case looked to be wrapped up, or was it. Who's to say that an incident like the death of Siby's family will never happen again. Luis and Luther, the antagonists, are dead, but people like them still pose a threat to society. The people may not even be aware of it, their family and neighbors will all say, "He couldn't have committed those crimes, he couldn't hurt a fly.” The only way to stop these senseless acts of violence is to find out what the people are thinking. Why did Luis and Luther commit murder?.

             There are different perspectives on why people commit murder. The true.

             perspective is whether the criminals that commit these crimes are ignorant or.

             suffer from some mental illness. .

             It is difficult to define a mental illness. The term has many different.

             definitions across the globe. .

             Because norms vary between cultures, behaviors considered signs.

             of mental illness in one culture may be considered normal in other.

             cultures. For example, in the United States, a person who.

             experiences trance and possession states (altered states of.

             consciousness) is usually diagnosed as suffering from a mental.

             illness. Yet, in many non-Western countries, people consider such.

             states an essential part of human experience. In Native American.

             culture, it is common for people to hear the voices of recently.

             deceased loved ones. In contrast, most mental health.

             professionals in Western cultures would consider such behavior a.

             possible symptom of schizophrenia or psychosis. (Encarta 1).


             The general definition of a mental illness depends upon the norms of a.

             particular society, or the rules of behavior. Behaviors that are in violation of these norm are usually considered to be signs of deviance. In other cases.

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